Branding The Rioters Will Not Fix Our Society

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Young Academic’s political correspondent Robert Gant has his say on the riots that have engulfed England over the last five days. As the UK’s national student news service, we encourage …


Cameron Recalls Parliament to Debate Ongoing Phone Hacking Scandal

The speed of the phone hacking crisis has been startling and has led to comparisons to the infamous Watergate scandal in America. Today Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament and the debate that ensued created as many questions as it answered. Young Academic correspondent Robert Gant reports.


News of the World to Shut Down Following Phone Hacking Scandal

Young Academic is delighted to announce that the News of the World will not print beyond this Sunday’s edition. Anyone that read last night’s opinion piece on the shocking conduct of the publication will understand how happy we are here at the national student news service. This must surely be seen as a great victory for the liberal press and for the media world in general.


Student Fashion Trends and Subcultures

Student fashion, how could we define it, describe it? Is it a stereotype? Or are we all sheep following the ram in the trend stakes desperately seeking ‘a look’? I’m going to probe into the more recent history of student fashion and investigate the unfortunate faux pas and the triumphant get-ups that we all endure, seek out the good, the bad, the ‘what were you thinking?’ and discover what actually is the student ethos?


Controversial Report Supports Skinny Models in the Fashion Industry


We are constantly bombarded with the concept of the ‘perfect’ body but is it corrupting the fashion world and the women seduced by it? Stepping away from the usual entertainment and student news, today Young Academic looks into the idea of the unattainable form of models and the controversial report which supports size zero.


Wales clash make or break for Capello as Terry’s captaincy comes under scrutiny | Young Academic National Sport

The decision by England manager Fabio Capello to reinstate John Terry as England skipper raised eyebrows across the land, sent the country’s tweeters into overdrive and gave Capello’s critics more ammunition to fire in the Italians direction. A year after being stripped of the armband for his off-field antics, it remains to be seen the impact John Terry’s return to the position of captain will have on the national side.


Young Academic Study Guides : How has the image of Islam changed in the press since September 11th?

As you know, we don’t just bring you all of the finest student news available in the British press. We are also totally committed to bringing you first class study guides, gap year information and interview techniques. This is the first instalment of the Young Academic Study Guides and is a good example of a journalism degree dissertation. Written by Charles Whitworth in 2008, this piece of coursework achieved a 2:1 and may be a good guide for any of you embarking on dissertation for a media course. Please feel free to leave your comments below and look out for more Young Academic Study Guides. Plenty of great student news coming this week as well!


Young Academic Opinion Piece: Addressing Black African Poverty in South Africa

As the UK’s national student newspaper, Young Academic is only too aware that the professionals of today and tomorrow need to be heard. Whether it be student news, international news or even an entertainment issue we want to hear your opinions. This fantastic opinion piece from one of our correspondents in UAE outlines many of the problems that exist in South Africa that result in shocking poverty…


Tory opinion piece

Over the last 13 years of Labour we have seen the largest neglect of higher education of any government in post-war Britain. Yet again it has been left to the coalition to pick up the pieces of Labour’s shattered Britain and make the difficult decisions in the national interest.