Online help for medical students to deal with real-life dilemmas

More fantastic student news from Young Academic as medical students can ‘spot the mistake’ in medical cartoon strips to help them to improve their understanding of professionalism and good practice before they start work.

The General Medical Council (GMC) has created the interactive Medical students: Professional Values in Action to bring its guidance to life and help understand how it would be applied in day-to-day situations.

Medical students can also test their knowledge through several quiz questions and case study dilemmas. They can take on the role of either a medical student or the medical school and face a variety of challenging situations encountered on clinical placements or during their time at medical school. All of the activities reinforce good practice in line with the GMC guidance; Medical students: professional values and fitness to practise.

Professor Trudie Roberts, GMC Council member and Chair of the Basic Medical Education Fitness to Practise working group, said: “This is a great way for medical students to understand the professional standards expected from all doctors. Parts of GMC guidance have been transformed into real-life scenarios and though the site is not designed to replace the guidance, it is there to increase students’ understanding, stimulate further interest and in turn, better equip the doctors of tomorrow.”

Drew Kinmond, Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association’s Medical Students Committee, said: “This initiative is a very useful, engaging and entertaining way of communicating some of the principles and problems commonly faced by medical students in their training.

“I would encourage all medical students to take a look at the Medical students: Professional Values in Action site and have a go.”

In one scenario, medical students will have to decide how best to respond to the receptionist of a busy GP surgery, who has asked if they can perform a cervical smear on a patient. In another situation, they will have to choose whether or not to declare a previous caution for shoplifting when applying for registration.

The site is the latest in a series of interactive tools on the GMC website, which also include the Virtual Hearing Room and Good Medical Practice in Action.

Visit the GMC’s new Medical students: Professional Values in Action site at: www.gmc-uk.org/studentvalues.

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