News of the World in Fresh Phone Hacking Allegations

Young Academic has been absolutely sickened by today’s revelations about further misconduct from the News of the World. As the premier student news service, we pride ourselves in printing what is right and in respecting the private lives of everyone we feature, unfortunately British red tops disagree.

Deplorable and despicable. Those were the words of Rupert Murdoch earlier today when speaking about the brand new accusations being thrown at the News of the World regarding phone hacking. The newspaper will rarely have had a darker day (and that is saying something) as suspicions have arisen that the phones of individuals close to such cases as Milly Dowler, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and the July 5th bombings have been hacked.

Murdoch is bound to condemn these actions as he continues his power struggle with BskyB, but what is more concerning is how the News of the World and its shameless reporters continue to get away with such appalling standards of journalese and indeed, ethics.

“Reports have even surfaced that the News of the World has bribed policemen in order to get the required information. Bribery of the highest order.”


If the allegations are proven, what more does the publication need to do before some action is taken to take it off the stands. Not to mention the awful topics that can be found on the pages of the News of the World, how can any paper that condones the hacking the phones of individuals that have seen their loved ones destroyed in terror attacks or murdered under horrific circumstances, continue to operate?

As David Cameron stated in the House of Commons this afternoon, an enquiry or even enquiries will follow this sickening news but one wonders what action will be taken. After all, this is not the first time that the News of the World has been found guilty of such malpractice – just think of Andrew Coulson. Financial reprimands must be the start of any punishments given out, Murdoch will surely hardly feel these.

The time has come for the government to seriously consider whether a newspaper with such dire standards in journalism and a lack of respect for the private lives of anybody – even those effected by the aforementioned events – should be allowed to continue to exist. The cliché is old and perhaps overused but the time has come for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

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