London 2012 Could Prove To Be Springboard for UK Students

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With the London Olympics just around the corner, the UK’s supposed ‘lost generation’ is being urged to use this huge event as inspiration and impetus for the future.  Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth examines how young people can use the games to launch their careers and take advantage of the boost that is set to be given to the economy.

As such, the government will be hosting a series of conferences and seminars during the London Olympic Games to boost investment in Britain and get young people involved. Millions of pounds are about to be pumped into to an economy that is in dire need of rejuvenation and it is down to a generation that has been badly affected by recession to stand up and take advantage.

The meetings and seminars will generate more than 1 billion pounds in additional capital for British businesses according to the UK Trade and Investment agency, this is revenue that could be used by the bright young stars of tomorrow to help build a fantastic career and help rebuild an economic landscape that currently finds itself in tatters.

Great solace can be taken from the incredible benefit that Canada and Vancouver in particular enjoyed as a result of the last Winter Olympics. British professionals and youngsters alike can be extremely optimistic as the next year will be far from business as usual, with the right balance of hard work and business acumen, today’s generation will be able to enjoy the long-term economic benefits.

Not only can the 18-30 demographic take great motivation from the incredible sporting achievements that are set to take place, hopefully by British athletes, but the winning ethos can be taken into whatever trade that young academics and professionals are looking to excel in.

The last five years have been testing financially for those all over the globe, but the never say die and tenacious attitudes of those in nations such as France and Germany have left them in a far less precarious situation. We suggest that with this gritty determination and desire to succeed, there is no reason why we can’t mimic our global counterparts.

This gilt edged opportunity to shine has not only been noticed by Young Academic, but also by none other than the leader of the country.

“This summer’s Olympics will put the eyes of the world on Britain as we host not just an unparalleled sporting spectacle, but also a chance for companies from across the globe to interact and do business here in the U.K. We are working hard to make sure the whole country can seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity.” Prime Minister David Cameron said.

A full program of meetings will run throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games from July 27 as well as during the Paralympics which end in mid September. Individuals wanting to make a name for themselves and make 2012 the beginning of a golden era are encouraged to get themselves involved. Themes such as the relationship between China and the United Kingdom and Green Energy are just two of the areas that have been earmarked as having the potential to utilise the Olympics in order to make the recession a distant but poignant memory.

The most recent figures suggest that there are now more people under the age of 25 on the unemployment Live Register than ever before but the world’s biggest sporting event happening right on our doorstep can’t surely fail to get the current generation motivated. Lessons can be learnt from the worst economic downturn in living memory and the Olympic moments enjoyed by such figures as Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Steve Redgrave show that the odds and your environment aren’t all that matters – one just has to believe and be prepared to get their hands dirty. This philosophy doesn’t just apply to sporting prowess as the likes of Richard Branson, Peter Jones and Mark Zuckerberg have shown.

Some may be thinking that this is easy to say and the aforementioned Olympians and entrepreneurs represent a tiny fraction of the population but it is important to reiterate the opportunity that hosting the Olympic Games represent. The Olympic Delivery Authority certainly seems to concur.

ODA Chairman John Armitt said; “London 2012 offers businesses of all sizes major opportunities in the current economic climate. These figures show that businesses from all over the UK are already winning ‘economic gold’ with millions of pounds worth of London 2012 work. These benefits are directly a result of hosting the Games.”

In actual fact, the figures show that small businesses have won the bulk of work to date and are set to benefit through the difficult economic period more than the more established companies and corporations – there are reported to be thousands of contracts that have resulted from the Games, not hundreds as first thought. Surely a welcome boost for all involved considering the worsening financial landscape.

Indeed, hundreds of UK businesses are winning millions of pounds of work as a result of the preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and these are all businesses that those currently in education can become part of. Whether it be via higher and further education or an internship or apprenticeship, the opportunities are there for those that want it the most. The old cliché of cometh the hour cometh the man (sorry ladies!) may never have been more fitting.

It isn’t just the Prime Minister that has had his say on the issue either. The man that can arguably be thanked for bringing the 2012 Olympic Games to London clearly believes that the event provides a unique chance for anyone ambitious enough to want it.

“London has now secured its tenure as the next host city of a summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. As of next year, LOCOG is poised to release hundreds of opportunities for the best UK companies of all sizes to compete for work to supply our Games-time goods and services, so there is all to play for.“ Lord Coe stated late last year.

So, those thinking that the Olympic Games were purely about sport and our battle to challenge China and the USA in the medals table are wrong. Since the ancient games in Olympia, the principle has remained the same; take your opportunity to prove yourself despite all the odds. However Team GB does on the track or the field, this summer could be your chance to excel. Here at the national education news site, we can’t implore you enough to take it with both hands. More information on the different ways that you can make this happen, check out the other features in this issue of Futures or have a look at websites such as http://www.london24.com or keep in touch via the Young Academic student news facebook page.

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