Learn How to Generate Your Own Solar Power!

Happy Friday guys, and we have another treat for  you today.

As you will have noticed, we have been going a bit infographic crazy here at Young Academic HQ but we just have to share this one with you! If any of you guys are studying an environment, energy or engineering based course at University then this one will definitely be of interest as it teaches you how to generate your very own solar power. Take a good look through this wicked graphic from Rapid Online and remember to share the love if you like it! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for some more great content like this from the Young Academic team.

If this kind of thing is up your street, you can find loads more energy guides online. These can help you to reduce the bills in your student house and free up more money for things like textbooks, groceries and of course beer! Alternatively, you could take a good look through the Ultimate Festival Guide and treat yourself to a much deserved weekend away after a gruelling academic year.


DIY Solar Panel Infographic (full)



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