Young Academic Interview with Entrepreneur Tom Allsworth

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As we head into the third Christmas of the current recession with the outlook showing few signs of improving, many students around the United Kingdom may be wondering how they can shine with the economy in the state that it is. Well Young Academic thought what better way to give you guys some perfect insight into how to succeed in business than an interview with a true success story.


Life as a World Renowned Remixer and Producer – Meet DJ Sam Young

Student news Sam Young

Yesterday, Young Academic caught up with two time winner of the London Club and Bar Awards, Sam Young who gave us the lowdown on life as a world-renowned DJ. As the new academic year fast approaches, keep your eyes peeled for the latest fashion, music and student news.


British Hip-Hop’s Next Big Thing – Voodoo Browne Interview!

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It’s less than a month until another academic year kicks off and Young Academic has been spending its summer on a smooth new look as well as finding you all the career guides, exam advice and student news pieces you guys need! In the meantime, we have some wicked additions to the Ultimate Festival Guide on the way as well some great interviews. Charles Whitworth hooked up with extrovert rapper Voodoo Browne yesterday to find out about his intriguing image and the forthcoming album, Browne Saucery….


British Philosopher Responds to the Young Academic Report on the Privatisation of British Education

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Having read the Young Academic report on the student protests in Chile and fears of the British education system being privatised; AC Grayling, British Philosopher and First Master of the New College of the Humanities spoke to the Young Academic’s Political Correspondent Robert Gant about the issue. As the United Kingdom’s number one source of vibrant education news, Young Academic will be getting to the heart of the issues that really matter throughout the summer months…


Gentleman’s Dub Club – Suits, Swagger and Sassy Dub

Well we promised you entertainment galore this summer, as that is most certainly what we have for you here at Young Academic. The Ultimate Festival Guide has been churning out event after event and following yesterday’s great interview with dubstep sensation True Tiger, we now have an intriguing interview with Johnny from Gentleman’s Dub Club.


Young Academic Catch Up with KASH – Bollywood Electro-Pop’s Next Big Thing!

Your ultimate student news site, Young Academic brings you the latest interview with the much anticipated Electro-Pop and Bollywood extraordinaire KASH. Signed with Big Life Management home to the likes of The Klaxons and La Roux, KASH emerges this summer as one of the hottest new artists, Sam Burke talks to him about his interesting and very different music style, ridiculously fabulous Prada platform brogues and life as an East London weirdo!