How To Stand Out At Exhibitions and Events

events and exhibitions
If you are currently studying for your degree, or have recently finished one, the chances are that you have had to stand out at an exhibition or event. From Art courses, to student fayres or even seminars, a big part of many courses and the careers they then lead to, is presenting your work or brand to potential clients or customers.

The trick to these is standing out from what can be a saturated crowd, Young Academic gives so good advice for anyone looking to get ahead of the pack.

Don’t Hold Back On Your Invitations

What many people forget to concentrate on when it comes to their exhibition or event, is to really go for it with their invitations. Not only do these serve the obvious purpose of luring people to see your work, but this is the first impression they will get of your offering. This, as we all know, is extremely important and a bad first impression can be extremely hard to get rid of.

So, when putting your exhibition invitations together, don’t be scared to use high quality firms such as Precision Printing and ensure all your literature goes out with the highest standards of quality.

Striking Graphics

The same principle applies to the artwork you use at your actual event. Although you may think this goes without saying, make sure your graphics and branding are absolutely spot on and created using the highest calibre products. Believe it or not, people do turn up to these events ill equipped and with shoddy props, and then wonder why their brand is not being noticed. Back up your aforementioned invitations with graphics that simply cannot be forgotten and you will get the attention you require.

Do You Have an App

These days, it is not vital but always helps if you have some technology to back up your preposition. Depending on the nature of your exhibition or event, a mobile application could be the perfect way to leave your potential clients with a lasting impression of your product or brand. These can be created to an excellent standard these days without breaking the bank and is an extra channel for you to hit your point home.

If you have invested in such technology, then ensure this is plugged at your event and you could well find your brand takes off quicker than expected.

If you have recently finished or are currently studying an Events degree, then we want to hear from you here at Young Academic? What advice do you have for budding students or recent graduates when it comes to standing out at that big exhibition?

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