Entrepreneurs Across The UK Thriving In BUSiness!

We love entrepreneurialism here at Young Academic, as any of our regular readers will be able to tell you. Today, we can bring you some news from our friends at Stagecoach who have found a novel way of giving the bus a bit of a facelift and making some tidy earnings in the process!

Read on to find out how bus fares were just the tip of the iceberg for some of these super imaginative ventures.

The Hotel Bus

Oliver Kemp from Yorkshire came up with the great idea of creating his very own “bedroam”. A fully functional mobile hotel, the bedroam turned out to be absolutely perfect for festival and could sleep a staggering 18 people, provide toilet facilities and a great outdoor space for when the bus was stationery.

Fans of the Young Academic Festival Guide may well be interested in learning more about the bedroam as the 2017 festival season fast approaches.

This one even got features in the ever-popular Amazing Spaces programme and spurred some Australian entrepreneurs to emulate the project to help shelter rough sleepers overnight.

Boutique Bus

Fancy the idea of a boutique shop on a repurposed bus? Well, that’s what Lesley Tindle did, transforming an old Fiat Ducato community bus into a mini boutique.

Seats were transformed into electronic pods where seating used to be and the boutique buses can naturally hold loads of stock. Products than then be sold directly from the refurbed buses providing a truly versatile business venture.

Co-working Bus

We’ve all heard of hot desking, but how about getting your work done on a freshly renovated double decker bus called “IncuBus”?

The brainchild of Rishi Chowdhury, this business incubator costs just the price of a bus fare to use and has all the mod cons you would expect from any other hot desk facility.

The bus itself cost around £12,000 and the conversion cost up to £30,000 but with workers and students flocking to the facility daily, she will surely be recouping her costs in no time.

Bar Bus

This is one for anyone who is interested in their vintage busies. Leyla is the result of a 1966 Leyland Titan being renovated by owners David Humphreys and Alex Robinson.

Around was spent on £60,000 converting it into a fully equipped bar with a decorated seating area. When entering this bar bus, you feel right at home and can choose from all of your usual favourites.

The bar bus certainly doesn’t encourage drink driving but not many people can say that their local is a refurbed vintage 1960’s bus!

Restaurant bus

Last but not least and following the same theme of the Bar Bus, is the restaurant bus.

This converted bus serves meals similar to the street food you may find in Shoreditch or Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Although there have been a number of bus restaurant conversions in the UK, the Crust Conductor is definitely one of the big success stories. She serves pizzas in her 34-seater restaurant and the cuisine is of the very best quality, ensuring local customers come back time after time.


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