Cutting edge Science Symposium at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

The sixth science symposium of the Graduate School of the Environment at CAT will take place this weekend, the event is open for public to attend. Erik Rombout will give a keynote speech on ‘lobe cities.’  Dubbed climate proof eco cities by experts, lobe cities are fast gaining popularity as eco sensitive design that enhances bio-diversity, encourages sustainable architecture and ensures ecologically sound planning in cities.

The symposium will bring together friends, colleagues and former students to celebrate achievements and recent developments in the field of the Built Environment and Sustainable Architecture. There will presentations from staff of the GSE doing PhD’s and papers from students who have recently achieved distinctions. Covering an enormous range of topics many of the papers are the cutting edge of research in the field of the Built Environment and Sustainable Architecture

During the evening over 70 students who have completed the Mac Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies will be the first alumni to graduate in the prestigious Sheppard Lecture theatre at CAT. The circular Sheppard Lecture theatre has been constructed from rammed earth taken from a nearby quarry and is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

Pat Borer, architect of the WISE building will give the keynote speech at the ceremony,  Joan Randle Director of the Graduate School for the Environment at CAT said “ It is an absolute privilege to have Pat Borer here to present the students with their degrees and a tribute to his work over the last 35 years in pioneering sustainable architecture.”

One of the students said of her experience studying here at CAT “ I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at CAT for the rich and stimulating experience the course provided. My understanding of all things environmental has broadened and opened doors for me. The AEES programme is outstanding. Thanks to the staff for running such an inspirational course.”

The Symposium is open to members of the public. A programme is available of papers to be presented at the Science Symposium. Please contact the Media Office at CAT for more information or to confirm attendance.

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