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Google Maps Just One of the Mediums Used to Portray the Violence of the London Riots


Since the London riots started late on Saturday night, journalists, reporters and bloggers across the country have been using a plethora of media tools to share their thoughts on what has been a gruelling three days for the country’s capital. Young Academic has been careful to ensure that we continue to bring you all the usual student news and education news that you know and love but we feel that the efforts of a blogger by the name of James Cridland deserve a mention.

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iPhone 5 or iPad 3 – The Latest Student Dilemma


As the academic year fast approaches, students across the United Kingdom will be starting to get kitted out. Freshers will be out buying their first kettles, bedding and microwaves and older students will no doubt be arranging their digs and stocking up for a fortnight of boozing. A big dilemma for students out there keen on their technology may however be the choice between two of Apple’s forthcoming gadgets – the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3? In the latest student news colums, Charles Whitworth explores which device will reign supreme.

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British Philosopher Responds to the Young Academic Report on the Privatisation of British Education


Having read the Young Academic report on the student protests in Chile and fears of the British education system being privatised; AC Grayling, British Philosopher and First Master of the New College of the Humanities spoke to the Young Academic’s Political Correspondent Robert Gant about the issue. As the United Kingdom’s number one source of vibrant education news, Young Academic will be getting to the heart of the issues that really matter throughout the summer months…

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Will the Amy Winehouse Trademark Fashion Style be Missed as Much as her Music?


Famous for her beehive and unique music, Amy Winehouse will be sorely missed by music and fashions fans alike. With her death, comes the sad realisation that her talent has been lost forever. Young Academic looks at the fashion contribution of the Back to Black singer after her tragic death over the weekend in essential student fashion news.


Cameron Recalls Parliament to Debate Ongoing Phone Hacking Scandal


The speed of the phone hacking crisis has been startling and has led to comparisons to the infamous Watergate scandal in America. Today Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament and the debate that ensued created as many questions as it answered. Young Academic correspondent Robert Gant reports.


News of the World to Shut Down Following Phone Hacking Scandal


Young Academic is delighted to announce that the News of the World will not print beyond this Sunday’s edition. Anyone that read last night’s opinion piece on the shocking conduct of the publication will understand how happy we are here at the national student news service. This must surely be seen as a great victory for the liberal press and for the media world in general.


News of the World in Fresh Phone Hacking Allegations


Young Academic has been absolutely sickened by today’s revelations about further misconduct from the News of the World. As the premier student news service, we pride ourselves in printing what is right and in respecting the private lives of everyone we feature, unfortunately British red tops disagree.

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Eleven Years of Debt Could be in Store for Graduates


As Young Academic has discovered, crippling student debt which will take 11 years on average to clear, is forcing almost four in ten graduates (38%) to put their life on hold. In startling student news, it seems that the outlook for British academics continues to look rather bleak.

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