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Public Sector Workers Fight Back at Elitist Tory System with Mass Strike


Young Academic today applauds the public sector workers that have implemented a mass union strike. Seemingly fed up of the tory obsession with spending cuts and particularly the attack on well earned pensions, border control staff, teachers and health workers are just some of the sectors that have had enough of George Osbourne and his elitist clan of bigots.


Will Peter Roebuck Be Remembered For All The Wrong Reasons?


As a major student news site, Young Academic acknowledges the great work of Peter Roebuck and assesses the controversies that seemed to surround him constantly. He was no doubt a cricketing genius but it seems he was a troubled man and in this article I pay respect to a great man regardless of his illicit actions.

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John Peel Day Marks the Seventh Anniversary of Iconic DJs Death


Here at Young Academic HQ, we have been marking John Peel Day by listening to all of our favourite albums, many of which were championed by the man himself during an epic career. We’re sure that none of you need reminding who John Peel was or what he achieved, but we have decided to mark a truly important day with a quick little reminder.

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Students and Young People Fear Debt More Than Death Say YouthNet


Young Academic brings some startling student news today as YouthNet publishes the results of a survey taken of students and young people and students in the United Kingdom. The most staggering discovery is the fact that young academic’s around the nation are more concerned by their rising debts than they are death – presumably due to the coalition’s disgusting lack of regard for those currently in higher education (excluding Oxbridge of course!).

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Turbulent Term of Student Action and Protests Could Lie Ahead


As a new academic year begins it looks like it will be another turbulent term of student action and protest. Student groups are organising a wave of protests to coincide with the trade union strike action planned for the end of November. Young Academic’s featured editor Robert Gant reports.

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