Goethe-Institut’s ‘Europe List’ to Survey What Constitutes European Culture

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As any regulars here at Young Academic will know only too well, we are obsessed with culture here at the UK’s national student news website. As such, we can bring you news of an intriguing survey being run by The Goethe-Institut. This focuses on what exactly in means to be European and will be running until mid-May and complements the very exciting Ten Cities project which is being co-ordinated by The Geothe-Institut Nairobi…


London 2012 Could Prove To Be Springboard for UK Students

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With the London Olympics just around the corner, the UK’s supposed ‘lost generation’ is being urged to use this huge event as inspiration and impetus for the future. Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth examines how young people can use the games to launch their careers and take advantage of the boost that is set to be given to the economy.


Scottish Independence Back On The Agenda

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Prime Minister David Cameron may be indirectly giving a boost to Alex Salmond and his Scottish independence supporters, Young Academic’s education news specialist and features editor Robert Gant reports.


Military Action Against Iran Would Be Disastrous For The Region

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Young Academic Features Editor Robert Gant reports on how the West is hurtling towards disaster as Iran test fires missiles in Gulf. This is the student news portal’s first enthralling opinion piece of 2012 and there will be plenty more where this came from, make sure you follow our RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a thing…