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The current theme of students being overcharged continues today with the news that the University of Cambridge will charge foreign students considerably more in terms of fees from next academic year. Young Academic can reveal this student news following some research by the SFS Group meaning yet more doom and gloom for both British and global students.

The courses that have been outlined in particular at Cambridge University are Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics and the news adds insult to the injury of the University deciding to charge the maximum tuition fees of £9,000.

An extra increase will be charged on top of the 10% rise for foreign students applying for all courses starting in 2012-10. With students hardly needing reasons to want to study away from the UK, this action could be seen as a deterrent to overseas student. Indeed, Cambridge University has been in the news already this week after taking just 16 black UK applicants. Make of that what you will.

MA and BA degrees in Mathematics will see rises of £1,500 on top of the aforementioned 10% increase.

An additional charge of £1,000 will be applied to Masters in Music degrees and Masters in Philosophy and Advanced Chemical Learning will incur a staggering extra charge of £4,000.

Foreign students currently studying courses at Cambridge University will not escape the wrath of these fee increases either as a  4.8% rise will be applied to their fees, this is in line with the current rate of inflation but considerable nonetheless.

University of Cambridge’s official line is that; “a further rise in university costs and the fees charged by comparable international institutions”.

The Cambridge University principal executive continued: “The University’s finances remain under considerable pressure and there are significant risks in the budget, including pension costs, pay inflation, and the under-recovery of research overheads.”

With the recent reports on the divide existing between premier United States Universities and those here in the UK, stories such as these hardly instil confidence in the current system. With coalitions obvious lack of concern with the academic future of this country and now contempt for overseas students, the story does not look set to become any rosier.

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