Bush defends torture of terror suspects

Former President of the United States, George W. Bush, has publicly defended the  waterboarding of prisoners following September 11th.

Whilst promoting his memoirs, Bush declared that these methods of torture – where victims are taken to the point of drowning – stopped terror attacks on locations such as Canary Wharf.

“Three people were waterboarded and I believe that decision saved lives.” said the much criticised former President.

A whole host of human rights and charity groups, not least Amnesty International,  have condemned waterboarding and other so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” used by US interrogators, pointing out that they are absolutely prohibited under international law.

Organisations have called for an independent investigation to be set up in the USA to establish the full circumstances of torture, rendition, secret detention and other human rights violations during the “war on terror”.

As Young Academic continue to promote freedom of expression and public debate, have your say on this issue by leaving your thoughts below and check out our provocative video above, reconstructing what waterboarding could be like for its victims.

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