The Digital Gap And Why The Elderly Need Technology

digital gap

You may have heard of the culture barrier, which creates confusion between two generations, but there is also the digital barrier, a very contemporary and concerning problem that continues to …

Iconic Vans From TV and Movies In Need of a Return

vintage van

With so many talented stars and iconic cars stealing the limelight in movies, sometimes the famous movie vans are forgotten about. However, following the reproduction of the iconic DeLorean car …


30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without

Designers are extremely busy people. Fact. Not only do they have to make time to find inspiration for their next project, manage feedback, attend meetings, and communicate with their clients, …

How To Stand Out At Exhibitions and Events

events and exhibitions

If you are currently studying for your degree, or have recently finished one, the chances are that you have had to stand out at an exhibition or event. From Art courses, to student fayres or even seminars, a big part of many courses and the careers they then lead to, is presenting your work or brand to potential clients or customers.

Learn How to Generate Your Own Solar Power!

If any of you guys are studying an environment, energy or engineering based course at University then this one will definitely be of interest as it teaches you how to generate your very own solar power.