Winter Festival Comes to London to Promote Cultural Diversity

As a primary student portal, Young Academic brings news on the culturally diverse events that will be taking place in London from November the 18th to January the 11th 2012. London will be teaming with exciting events and Young Academic prides itself on providing you with the details of these events.

The banks of the Thamesand the Southbank Centre will be hosting the winter festival from November 18th through to January 11th 2012. Not only is this event culturally diverse in terms of the musicals varying from Bollywood themes to the London Premiere Murmurs, it will also attract all audiences regardless of class and age.

All your needs will be met with the Southbank Centre providing Christmas Grotto’s, markets and many more happenings with the events being either bookable or free. With all this being the case I dare someone to try and challenge the events that will occur in terms of their quality and the enjoyment that can be had as there is an abundance of variety and quality.


Inspirational and stunning, Murmurs will quench the need to excite your senses. In its London Premiere Victoria Thierre Chaplin presents romance and misgivings with the use of theatre and dance.

It precedes the hugely successful Aurelia’s Oratorio and shows the main character, Aurelia escaping from the real world to a world that is surrounded by cardboard boxes. Normal affairs become bizarre happenings and she transgresses into the lives of others.

You can see this in the Queen Elizabeth Hall on various dates between the 20th December and the 2nd January 2012.

Bollywood Trip

DenmarkmeetsIndiain this fantastical display of acting, dancing and musical performances. It portrays a love story that is encapsulated in dreams and visions.

The main character arrives inCopenhagenfrom Bollywood but appears to have a psychiatric condition that sees him incarcerated, and this is where the truly incredible visions occur. The actors who are playing the other patients and hospital workers take part in this Bollywood spectacle.

Rolf Heim, Switzerland’s best theatre director is working with Denmark’s best actor, Janus Nabil Bakrawi and Southbank’s own choreographer, Garri Sharma Tripathi. The show hits the Queen Elizabeth Hall straight from performing in Copenhagen. It will take place from the 12th to the 18th of December.

The Colour of Nonsense by Forkbeard Fantasy

Taking an aspect of contemporary live The Colour of Nonsense adds another diverse production to the festivities. It combines madness and creativity the production pioneers the visual storylines with reality versus unreality.

A moral tale for all ages the production invents sound and film in a delightful way that could be considered a breakthrough in terms of theatre. This comic portrayal of contemporary life takes place in the Queen Elizabeth Hall between the 19th and 30th of December.

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