Wednesday Infographic: The History of Heels

Jones Bootmaker - History of Heels Outreach
Some more infographic fun for you today here at Young Academic, this time we have a great visual regarding the History of Heels. We listen to our readers here at the national student news service and you guys asked for more quirky features just like this one to accompany our ever popular student and education news updates, so we have duly obliged!

Jones Bootmaker - History of Heels Outreach

This infographic may well be of great interest to our female readership (and perhaps some of the more liberal lads out there) as it takes you through the annals of time and shows how your beloved heels have developed over the years. All credit goes to our friends at Jones Bootmaker for researching and creating the latest Wednesday Infographic for us.

If you enjoyed this infographic, why not take a look at some of the others we have been featuring over the summer months? We have been covering everything from fuels to the UK’s ageing population. We will also be covering some great music and Warehouse project news over at our brand new site, The Debutant, really soon – so be sure to stay in touch.

If there is anything you would like us to cover here at the nation student news site, then all you need to do is drop us a line at [email protected]. Similarly, if you have any work you would like to see published then you can send your articles to the same e-mail address. We are always looking to publish budding writers and not only is it great experience for you, it could also look great in your portfolio come the end of the academic year.

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