The Young Academic Festival Fashion Survival Guide

The UK’s premier Student news site, Young Academic has brought you the ultimate festival guide, so what better than a little guidance in what to wear once you’re there?

Ok, summers approaching and (massive cheer) as is the festival season. Without a shadow of a doubt, best episode of the fashion season, the mother of wear whatever you want (Literally. Anything.) because you’re knee high in mud and utterly gazzeboed, in a field. I do believe it is the most creative any of us will ever be in the fashion stakes. And it is simply perfect. It is a fashion aficionado’s haven. Eyes will be scoping, heads turning and ideas will begin to spring. The fashion light bulb looms. I always find myself saying ‘why didn’t I think of that? That looks so bloody good.’ Mental note taken, once parted from the golden gates of Glastonbury (cry, get a bit depressed), head to Beyond Retro and re-do, in personalized style of course. There is an unwritten law around festivals and that is, anything goes. In general and in ‘that metallic suit with these wellies’. I love wellies. So what to ram into our oversized backpacks that we can barely move with this summer? Of course, one day of the festival season we must channel sixties retro. Get your hippie on, go to that hippie place, it would be a sin not to in the name of festivals and why we have them to this grateful day. Flowing vintage maxis, something with a fringe, flowers in hair and native Indian inspired sandals (technically, if we’re going to embrace the inner hippie, it should be without shoe, your call.) So we all know this, what else? The forecast looks like denim. Denim with denim and denim with everything. A staple festival piece is the high waisted levis cut offs, totally fail safe strutting through Bestival, baggy T tucked in espadrilles and all. Bold prints are in, think tribal and crazy on the eye. Of course there’s always the day where everyone dresses up, which I can’t help you with, unless I provide you with some examples of what is usually appropriate, a pritstick, the moon, a fried egg. Androgynous is cool, the boy look, often a fad at festivals and so effortless (effortless – 2 hours prep). Picture the black trilby, with shirt, brogues and socks. Then there’s the rocker, we all know and cherish this look, no detail required. And last but by no means least we have the jammy folk that honestly just don’t care (why would they? the strokes are playing) yet they always seem (to me anyway) to get it so right. If you would like to channel the jammy crew, throw on anything, boyfriends clothes, fine (must not be tracksuit, leopard, rubbish jeans) and embrace the festival vibe. If all else fails, refer to Alexa Chung.

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