The Warehouse Project Leaves Manchester After Five Incredible Years

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The Warehouse Project’s last year in Manchesteris hosting 34 events which started on the 17th of September and running right through to the 1st of January 2012. Even though there are still 14 events between now and the 1st of January, only three of them still have tickets for sale.

With this being the end of an era I urge all the people who enjoy a good party to witness the Manchester Warehouse Project experience, as it was well worth the money when I went. The three shows that you can still go and see are this Friday the 25th November, the 16th December and the 26th December. Desolat are playing this Friday and tickets are selling quickly, Ostgutten: The Sound of the Berghain are performing on the 16th December and Garuda on Boxing Day, all of which will be well worth attending.

If Warehouse tickets are purchased from Ran, the Warehouse Project’s own outlet for tickets in St Annes Arcade, then you can enjoy a 15% discount on all Warehouse products purchased up to the 4th December. If you wish to find out more information then you can visit their site at www.ranshop.co.uk.

5 years of The Warehouse Project in Photographs by Sebastian Matthes…

This special book can be ordered from the website at www.thewarehouseproject.com/2011eflyers/eflyers_29.html or go to the merchandise stall at the venue and at Magma in the Northern Quarter.

Sebastian Matthes has been taking photos of all the events at the Warehouse Project since its launch in 2006. Sebastian has chosen his favourite pictures and created this spectacular book. The book shows the diversity of the music the Warehouse Project has witnessed over the years and the people behind making all the events happen since 2006. Could it get any better? Definitely it could, the book also includes the thoughts of many of the artistes who have played at Warehouse over the years.

Charity Gig at The Comedy Store, Manchester…

A gig in aid of a 4 year old girl, Billie Bainbridge will include; Badly Drawn Boy, I am Kloot and Everything Everything and will also be hosted by Justin Moorhouse a top comedian. The gig is an attempt to raise money for Billie’s inoperable brain stem cancer and her Billie Butterfly fund which is helping to pay for her treatment. As it stands there is no cure for Billie’s illness but pioneering treatment is being undertaken to try and find a breakthrough and extend her life and all this will cost up to £200,000. If more money is raised than is needed for the treatment then it will go towards researching the illness and gaining more information and knowledge on this type of cancer.

The gig is called ‘Magic in the Air’ and tickets can be purchased on www.thewarehouseproject.com/2011eflyers/eflyer_29.html and will cost £19.50.

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