The Shadowsphere Fails to Disappoint at an Epic Warehouse Project Opening Party

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Here it is guys, the eagerly awaited and belated (our apologies) first instalment of the Young Academic Warehouse Project Reviews. As you will be well aware, it is the last ever season of WHP’s at Store Street and it looks like it will be a winter to remember. You have had all the previews, news and gossip and now it’s time for every review worth reading about all of the acts that matter.

Now, although we would love to go to every single Warehouse Project during this historic last season, this just is not going to be possible. After all, if we spend every weekend getting our rave on – who is going to bring you all of your student news articles and career guides? So, if any of you would like to see your articles in print or think that we have missed something then please do not hesitate in sending in your own reviews and photographs!

It all kicked off just under two weeks ago with none other than DJ Shadow. Young Academic were lucky enough to see the 39 year old producer from across the pond at Glastonbury and boy was it a treat. You may have thought then that the set may have been somewhat predictable second time around? Well you would have been wrong. DJ Shadow provided a visual masterpiece that rivalled anything we had witnessed before and even had us pondering whose has been more impressive between Shadow and the Chemical Brothers (also at Glastonbury). We still haven’t decided.

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Live shows are fairly rare from DJ Shadow, who has had an arduous few months of touring and has delighted crowds around the United Kingdom all summer. Store Street therefore provided a quite intriguing experience. With its trademark arches and old school brick work, the lighting and visual provided a breathtaking atmosphere. The tunes were also a joy to behold, with tunes from all across a comprehensive discography spanning a few decades entertaining a more than slightly appreciative Manchester crowd. The cliché “you had to be there” may well be coined to often these days, but you really did. An epic start to a Warehouse Project season that is promising many more incredible mornings.

Of course, DJ Shadow was just the tip of the iceberg on a Saturday evening Warehouse Project that had rediscovered the atmosphere of the late ‘naughties’ – an atmosphere that had made WHP such an intriguing and entertaining musical experience. Bouncers scanning the ground for freebies and throwing out mid morning revellers for so much as tripping up is certainly on the decline as their attentions are quite rightly turned towards focusing on admitting the right people and keeping the peace. Long may it continue…

The SBRKT DJ set built the vibes up perfectly and performances from Hudson Mohawke, Africa Hi-Tech, Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek, Falty DL and Jonny Dub all went down extremely well. We have to admit that we missed Juicy, Jackmaster and Illum Sphere but reviews are bouncing around so make sure you have a look

Young Academic also feels compelled to send serious superlatives to Skream and Sgt Pokes who rounded off the opening night of WHP 2011/2012 quite beautifully. A small but appreciative crowd gathered to bounce around to a dubstep masterpiece, a stunning performance considering who they were following. Be sure to check out the wicked video on the homepage.

So, Warehouse Project is underway and living up to expectations…and then some! Annie Mac and Co reportedly light up the second weekend and the Young Academic crew just can’t wait for James Zabiela this coming Saturday. Young Academic will be bringing nonstop student news, education news and music updates over the coming months as well as interviews galore. Make sure you get involved with our Facebook and Twitter pages to guarantee you don’t miss a thing. Remember to send in your reviews, blog and articles to me at [email protected]!

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