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Continuing our commitment to bringing you the latest entertainment, student news and university profiles, Young Academic today brings you news of a great music project. Oui Love is dedicated to bringing the best in French music to our shores.  Along with all the relevant information on the bands and where to go to catch these two great bands live, we’ve got a link so you can get yourselves some free tracks!

Get ready for a sonic assault from across the channel – the annual Oui Love tour is back! Committed to introducing us Brits to the most exciting acts of the New French Wave, Oui Love has yet again put together an unmissable tour, coming to our shores in May. The formula is simple: six nights in the UK’s best venues with two of France’s hottest musical offerings – much hyped cold-gaze pioneers Team Ghost and electro new wave maestro Anoraak. A must for all fans of new music.

Working on behalf of the French Music Export Office, Oui Love can always be relied upon to expose us to the most important musical stirrings from across the pond. France boasts a rich musical heritage and it is no secret that French bands and producers have been pivotal in shaping an international sound that has been successful around the world for years. Mega stars such as Daft Punk and Phoenix have paved the way for their fellow countrymen and labels like Ed Banger continue to infiltrate the world of music with their distinctive Gallic flair. Never has the French music scene been as dynamic, vital and bursting with talent as right now. Dig a bit deeper and under the surface of the mainstream a whole host of new bands are also causing a stir. Oui Love is on hand to bring these sounds direct to a British audience.

“Oui Love can always be relied upon to expose us to the most important musical stirrings from across the pond”


2010 saw Oui Love promote an extremely successful tour of the UK featuring French bands The Shoes, Bewitched Hands on the Top of Our Heads, Revolver and Curry & Coco, along with English student bands Bella Diem and Jimi’s Parade. The 2011 tour continues the tradition of teaming French acts with emerging young British talent. Joining Team Ghost and Anoraak on the bill will be the winners of a competition organised by Access to Music to find the UK’s best student band. The competition is currently underway with competitors thrashing it out in centres across the country. The winners will be announced later this month and the coveted prize will earn them a place on the tour. By bringing together the freshest bands from both countries, the Oui Love tour aims to foster an exchange of ideas between the two budding scenes.

A bit more about the French bands taking part…

Team Ghost is the new project from Nicolas Fromageau: founding member of M83, the groundbreaking French outfit often credited with inventing chillwave.  Bowing out of M83 in 2003, Fromageau left his native Antibes and headed for Paris to form Team Ghost with multi-instrumentalist Christophe Guérin and producer Jean-Philippe Talaga.

Team Ghost’s debut EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me (May 2010) was released on Sonic Cathedral to huge critical acclaim, with NME even inventing an entire genre based on their sound: cold-gaze. Its a fitting description, with the band citing 80s gothic bands such as early Cure, Joy Division and Siouxsie & The Banshees as well as the electronic sounds of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno, as influences. Team Ghost take the M83 blueprint of electronica and shoegaze, add krautrock rhythms, post-punk and stark synth-pop, the result is atmospheric, angular and oftentimes dark electronica. So far the band has earned praise from opinion formers across the board including Pitchfork, Stool Pigeon and Drowned in Sound. Their forthcoming debut album is one of the year’s most anticipates releases, with NME tipping it as one to look out for in 2011.

Anoraak is the current guise of Frederic Riviere: producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and another major player in the French electro pop scene. Having started his musical career in a series of indie-rock bands that never felt quite right, Frederic relocated to Nantes in Western France where his present day sound began to take shape.

The first Anoraak EP Nightdrive With You (2008) was inspired by a mixture of influences ranging from twisted disco to 80s synth. Debut album Wherever the Sun Sets (2010) saw Anoraak continue to develop his distinctive sound, with nods to Italo-disco, Motown and funk, plus richly-layered instrumental loops and the odd touch of nostalgic pop. Also heavily influenced by Southern Californian rock outfits such as Weezer, Anoraak’s electronic take on all of these musings results is a sound that makes you want to dance, as well as bliss out. After all, Anoraak is an artist who likes Chic and Boney M as much as he does Pavement…

The Oui Love tour in May is the perfect opportunity to see both bands perform in intimate venues before the inevitable boom. Team Ghost have previously supported the almighty Crystal Castles and have some great festival appearances under their belt including Offset (London), Stag & Dagger (London), RockNess (Scotland) and the UK’s answer to SXSW, The Great Escape in Brighton, where they will be returning this year as part of the tour. Nicolas says: “The Oui Love Tour is happening at a very special time for us: just two weeks before, we’re in the studio, recording our first album at last, so it’s gonna be a great opportunity to try our new stuff onstage. And, well, it will be my first time in Liverpool! I’m really happy to share few gigs with Anoraak, I enjoy their music. And of course, I’ll get drunk every night. I love English tours!”

Frederic has brought together a group of musician friends to form a band for Anoraak’s live incarnation and says: “We can’t wait to start this tour around the UK! It’s a great occasion to present the live show to the British audience; we haven’t done much there so far, though we know we have a strong base of followers in the country. Playing live always provides stunning memories.”

Not content with just bringing us what promises to be one of the most exciting tours to catch in 2011, Oui Love have also joined forces with Sonic Cathedral Recordings and are releasing an exclusive split 7”, which sees Team Ghost and Anoraak each remixing each others tracks. The 7” is being released in accordance with Record Store Day (16 April 2011) and the remixes will be available to download for free now at www.ouilovemusic.com

Ticket Info:

Brighton http://tinyurl.com/ouilovebrighton wristbands start from £45.00
Bristol http://tinyurl.com/ouilovebristol £5.00
Birmingham – TBC
Manchester – http://tinyurl.com/ouilovemanchester £5.00
Liverpool – http://tinyurl.com/ouiloveliverpool wristbands start from £40.00
London –  http://tinyurl.com/ouilovecamp £5.00

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