The New Music Award for Unsigned Emerging and Independent Artists

TuneBreaker (www.tunebreaker.com) is a (global) new music award for unsigned , emerging and truly independent artists. The TuneBreaker Music Award is both unique and innovative in its process (a process we cannot divulge just yet).

It is not funded by corporate money looking for quick returns; It is run by a small team of experienced music industry people and avid young music fans, all of them wanting to see a new industry of music growing organically from the bands and fans themselves. This award, they say, is as real and authentic as it comes.

The inaugural TuneBreaker Music Award commences in November 2010 with the winner announced before New Year. This first award is only open to Artists and Bands from the Great Britain & Ireland and is limited to a set number of entrants, so it is advisable to sign up NOW to be guaranteed a place! With music fans across the globe able to vote for an artist it really is a truly global music award. Who knows you might not win but you could end up being big in Japan after all!

10,000 other reasons to enter

Yes! The winner of this organic prestigious and soon to be globally renowned TuneBreaker Music Award will receive a hand-crafted crystal trophy or “Tunie”, a cheque for £10,000 Pounds Sterling (which by the way, is half of the Barclaycard sponsored Mercury Music Prize and more than the Irish Meteor sponsored music prize– and these are both sponsored by corporations for ESTABLISHED acts!!), plus more goodies we hope we can announced along the way.

TuneBreaker is not asking you to appear anywhere; TuneBreaker is not asking you to pay an entrance fee to be involved. TuneBreaker is an Award NOT a competition. This is not about rejection. TuneBreaker is about elevating marginalised artists to the next level. Every artist who promotes themselves with vigour said a spokesperson from Tunebreaker will come away with something from this new music award.

Boasting a voting model (to be announced nearer the beginning of the Award), which they say is so simple, with no catches, it won’t at first glance be believed, TuneBreaker also tell us they do not want control over artist rights, they do not take a slice of their future. They are adamant that artists will see that the TuneBreaker Music Award is the most transparent and exciting platform for unsigned acts.

So Artists pre-register NOW for a guaranteed place! You can then start interacting with fans before the award begins, by using the goodie bag (www.tunebreaker.com/goodies), follow TuneBreaker on Twitter (www.twitter.com/tunebreaker), and befriend the fans on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/TuneBreaker/153903081306878).

Successfully registered artists will get an e-mail about one week before the start of the TuneBreaker Music Award, which will allow them to access and complete the sign-up process.

So artists and fans alike get ready for the start of TuneBreaker Music Award; it promises to be some ride – guaranteed!

TuneBreaker plan a roll out of awards throughout 2011 across the Globe through local partners.

For more information e-mail: [email protected]

www.tunebreaker.com – People Powered Music

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