Hot Chip – One Life Stand

A more considered but undoubtedly classic instalment from London’s favourite Synth-Pop quintet.

Two years on from ‘Made In The Dark’, ‘Hot Chip’ have again failed to disappoint with an (as promised) slightly calmer but just as anthemic fourth album.

The album opener ‘Thieves In The Night’ sets the pace with a typically pulsy albeit lengthy tune that is sure to become as ‘Hot Chip’ as ‘Ready For The Floor’ or ‘Over And Over’.

The album is crammed with moments to cherish that look sure to be a real treat for any fans lucky enough to be seeing them on their now underway UK tour.

‘Hand Me Down Your Love’ and ‘Take It In’ are also tailor made for fans looking for that synth-rave vibe that Hot Chip have perfected again and again.

The title track, ‘One Life Stand’ epitomises the album’s ability to fuse jumpy beats with some rather poignant lyrics – making you want to dance around whilst swooning “I only wanna be your one life stand, Tell me, do you stand by your man?” perhaps explaining why the band continue to appeal to both the indie fan and the raver.

There is the odd moment of mediocrity, with the rather dreary ‘Brothers’ cringingly musing about pissed up Xbox sessions or ‘I Feel Better’ which never really gets going but an album of this nature can surely not have you jumping round from start to finish?

Goddard, Taylor and Co have again shown that whether crafted on their MacBooks or in the studio, their knack for putting out Electro-Pop classics has gone nowhere.

With five members of such contrasting tastes and talents, the band defies logic by failing to clash and although they are still to produce the perfect album – very few do and there is no rush for the nerd-turned-popstars.

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