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As the academic year well and truly draws to a close, the student news is starting to dry up. Fear not though guys as Young Academic has a brilliant entertainment feature for you to get stuck into! Sam Burke brings you an exclusive interview with Snoop Dogg collaborator and mother of four Stacey Jackson. Stacey has emerged this spring as one of the hottest new music acts and talks to us about being a parent, wife and being a pop-star.

Born singing, it wasn’t long before Stacey Jackson was gracing the stage. At the age of 10, she made the selfless decision and caring gesture to put on a charity event for Muscular Dystrophy. Gathering the kids from her neighbourhood she threw together a variety show, raising a significant amount for the charity. At such a young age, it’s a rarity to see. You can’t help but assume a young girl would rather be out playing with her friends. So I asked her, what made you want to do it?

“I wanted to help people, to inspire people.” She remembers loving the event, being on stage, knowing she was going to make a difference whilst performing, something she had dreamed of.

When I asked what had inspired her, she stressed that it has always been in her.

“It’s a buzz you just can’t shake, you know?”

But it was later on in her life when Stacey really pushed her musical career. After putting music on hold whilst her priorities moved to building a family, she recalls an experience which would become her most critical inspiration yet.

“My father came to me in a dream; he had passed on some time ago.”

The dream she remembers so vividly became the motivation that drove her to success.

“He said to me it’s now or never, you have to live your dream, live it up!”

Live it up is the name of her newest track in which she collaborates with Snoop Dog and is potentially her most anticipated single since her career kicked off.

With four children and the nickname ‘Soccermom, Rockermom’, I couldn’t help but ask how she manages to juggle such a hectic schedule with family and her record label 3B1G. How does she get the balance right?

“It’s all about timing, sometimes I do feel like a football manager around the house but I’m always checking the calendar well in advance, it’s like mission control” she laughs.

Her family has become her inspiration. With her husband of 18 years, she expresses how lucky she feels having such a healthy network of support.

“My husband and I are very supportive of each other, we share the same dreams and we believe in each other.”

I ask if her new lifestyle has affected her home life. “Not yet, not really, my kids giggle at silly things like when I get asked for autographs but nothing major. There has been some times where my older kids get a bit of stick at school, which is horrible, I would never want that, and people will write stories in the papers, this kind of thing will probably happen but it hasn’t gotten to any uncomfortable point.”

She realises her dreams, as do her family. Her kids are happy she is happy and doing what she has always wanted to do. “I’m doing what I love, love, love and they support that.”

Stacey grew up in Montreal, Canada where she would later attend a prestigious course in Communications at the University of Concordia.

“You had to have something special, only 110 got onto the course.”

Following her stay at Concordia she landed a job with CBS News. I ask her if she has drawn any valuable experience from this that she could apply to her music career.

“Definitely, I can bring it to the record label, it’s very hands on in the studio and working in PR marketing really helped.”

She is a prime example of applying her studies to any career route in order to excel. I ask her if she has any advice for aspiring music students and students alike.

“The answer is to never give up, never give up on your dreams, if it’s in you, it’s in you, you can’t shake it and nobody can tell you, you can’t do it. Of course it’s a hard business to crack, I mean my competition is busy whipping her hair back and forth, you know?”

Her determination really shines through and good for it; she’s landed feet first with the legend that is Snoop Dog.

So, of course I had to ask what he was like, how was working with him?

“He is such a doll, he’s my age so we had a lot to talk about, and he is a true artist, very professional.”

I asked if she found herself mouth wide open star struck at all but she admits being more intimidated by his ‘ginormous’ body guards as she had worked under the same management as Snoop for a while.

“He is so cool, so laid back and very welcoming.” She goes on to comment on how he has recognised the target market and that he saw this collaboration was a good crossover for him. Something a bit different from the gangsta rapper we all love.

“Art is about that, a change every now and then you know, he’s not stopping.”

The collaboration with Snoop, named ‘Live it Up’ is a combination of pop and dance. It has already taken airtime on a few dance radio stations and in clubs alike.

She will be touring with Snoop later on in the year, headlining after parties and clubs in London, Berlin and Paris.

Is there a message you aim to express through your music?

“I want to be inspirational, I want other women who have a dream to think ‘I want to do a Stacey Jackson’ and take a shot at my dreams. life is just too short. It’s never too late to do something that you love and go for it,”

Stacey’s single ‘Live it up’ is released June 20th and has upcoming tour dates for Gay Pride and University gigs.

Gay Pride

May 28th – Birmingham

June 2nd – London

August 13th – Brighton

August 27th – Manchester

University of Coventry

28th May

University of Surrey

8th June

Make sure you listen to Stacey’s single via the YouTube video above and be sure to check out some of the Raw Materials DJ reactions below as well.

DJ Reactions: http://therawmaterials.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/early-dj-reactions-for-stacey-jackson-feat-snoop-dogg-live-it-up/

The summer is nearly here guys and as a result you may find a little less UK student news and educational pieces here at Young Academic. With this in mind, this summer we will be your ultimate source of entertainment, fashion and current affairs. Make sure you keep up to date with our facebook and twitter pages as the Ultimate Festival Guide and fashion sections continue to tick over.


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