Judges Do Their Duty and Pick A Beauty at the Tally Koren Beauty of the Duty Remix Competition

Young Academic can reveal that the Tally Koren Beauty of the Duty remix competition winners have been announced. In great entertainment news, the winner will now get all the guidance and support they need to possible create the next single for Tally Koren.

Following overwhelming interest and a huge amount of entrants for the Tally Koren Beauty Of The Duty remix competition, the judges: Tally Koren, Neil Ashby (radio plugger), Mike Exachos (MTV award winning producer), and Mark Pearce (D-ROM), have chosen the winner – 13 Watt, based in Germany.

The judges felt that the remix produced by 13 Watt added fantastic new sounds while maintaining the key elements of the original, making the remix a great addition to any DJ set.

As the winner of the competition 13 Watt will receive studio time and guidance from the Tck Production team to create the potential next single for Tally Koren. The single will be promoted across the UK and 13 Watt will get 5% of the net profit.

13 Watt is the production name for Dennis Lenz and Douglas Wilgrove based out of the Mosounds Studio in Berlin, Germany. On hearing of their win they said: “When we first heard Beauty Of The Duty we felt we could make a great dance remix of the song and it seems we were right. We like to have a commercial sound to our remixes and we felt that Tally’s song was perfect material for a dance remix”.

“13 Watt’s remix made it to the top of the list pretty quickly for most of the judges”, said Tally Koren. “What stood out for us was the seamless integration of the original elements of the song with some top quality additions and great production work to make it sound entirely new and fresh”.

But it was a tough choice. The competition garnered more than 130 entries from across the globe and the quality was far higher than Tally and her team had anticipated. As a result the judges chose four winners instead of the original three.

Second place was Nitin ‘nYnK’ Puri from India who will receive a year’s DJ/Producer account on D-ROM, third place was Erwan Podeur from France while fourth place was DJ Gridkeeper from Brighton, UK – both will have their Beauty Of The Duty tracks mastered by Robin Springall at Repeat Performance.

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