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Young Academic has found a great way for students to make a difference this summer. With exam period nearly underway and the majority of dissertations and coursework projects now handed in, the time has come for you decide what you are going to do with your well deserved time off.

Remember, just because the academic year is coming to an end that doesn’t mean the end of Young Academic’s commitment to student news. We will be spending the summer bringing you all the entertainment news, career guided and educational features that you need.

“Bollocks to Poverty is all about showing your outrage at global poverty and injustice by doing something you love for ActionAid.”


Have you ever thought about volunteering at this summer’s festivals? This provides students with a great way to let their hair down as well as making a huge difference. ActionAid is currently looking for students who are up for helping them out at festivals, spreading the word about ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ and other such causes.

Student volunteers with a passion for music and fighting injustice are required for a period of festivals such as Beach Break Live and Reading Festival.

“Bollocks to Poverty is all about showing your outrage at global poverty and injustice by doing something you love for ActionAid. There’s loads of ways that you can support people fighting their way out of poverty, and becoming and ActionAid festival volunteer is just one of them” said Helen Hector, from the Bollocks to Poverty team at ActionAid.

“I loved going to the festivals and my festival tally really built up through the summer as we took ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ to Wireless, Underage, Field Day and Reading, before going to these I hadn’t really done much volunteering before. “ former volunteer Jackie added.

She continued: “It made me realise that we do all have a voice to help make a difference to those people who really need it and we don’t need money to express it.”

You’ll be chatting to people in the ActionAid tent about the campaign relating to corporate abuse, hunger or climate change, not hassling people with a money tin. Student Volunteers with an outgoing personality will probably enjoy the experience more and should get in touch with ActionAid immediately – the deadline is May 13th. For more information go to www.actionaid.org/bollocks/festivals.

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