Hip Hop MC Voodoo Browne’s Debut album To Be Promoted Via Psonar

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All of you fanatical Young Academic regulars will remember our exclusive interview with Voodoo Browne back in August. We caught up with the British hip hop sensation and talked about everything from his haunting look to his rapping influences. Well the East Anglian MC is now using cutting edge technology to promote his newest material in the form of the very exciting Psonar platform.

Ambiel Music and Voodoo Browne have joined the music industry’s early adopters such as INgrooves and Skint/Loaded Records by choosing to promote new releases via the innovative new service. Psonar is an industry friendly pay-per-play platform that allows up and coming as well as established artists to promote their tunes with little fuss.

The tracks are played, shared or even gifted via mobiles or the internet for just a single penny, euro or dollar a time. This could well be the best way for cash strapped students to play music and discover the best new acts.

Student music fans  can also create their own customised playlists and share them with whoever they like. Psonar could well turn out to be a great alternative to Spotify for students and musicians alike.

Receivers also pay a penny to listen to each track or the playlist can be sent as a gift and they can listen for free. Anyone looking for a musical Christmas present may have to look no further than Voodoo Browne on Psonar!

Rather than downloading tunes in the conventional way, music fans can now use this great new service and every time a tune is played – the artists profit so everyone’s a winner!

Voodoo Browne’s debut album ‘Browne Saucery’ will be shared via texts and social media in the run up to its release in December with four tracks available to stream free of charge each day.

So, what does Voodoo Browne think of this new musical venture?

“ I’m lovin Psonar. The rap culture has always been associated with paying cash for something and getting it quick and for me this cuts out all the long paperwork and fat cat percentages we think of with major distributors. Psonar taps into what the kids on every street have: great tips for new music and a mobile phone. Unlike Spotify, your playlist won’t have patronising adverts and unlike iTunes you can play a whole album for 15p – a fifth of what they sell you a single for, these days…” he said…

Head to Psonar today by clicking here.

As always, you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the music industry, via the ever growing school of music right here at Young Academic.

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