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It’s been a while since we featured a film event in the Ultimate Festival Guide and what a cracker we have for you today. The ‘I Will Tell International Film Festival’ is currently taking place, but don’t fret as it carries on well into the evening and thoughout tomorrow. Luckily for you guys, Young Academic has only gone and got you a superb two for one ticket deal as well!

The world is imbalanced, financial markets are in turmoil and young people have been rioting on the streets. The idea of a good film in these times is one that would allow you to escape to a new world where everything works the way it’s supposed to and everyone is happy. But there is one film festival that thinks there is an alternative form of esacpism that is ultimately more satisfying than a feel good blockbuster.

Films have traditionally been used as a means of escapism and so using them to raise issues that are deliberately challenging  and inspirational is not an easy task, though one that is eminently worthwhile. Polls show that films like An Inconvenient Truth, Sicko and the Passion of the Christ have had a significant impact on the way people think and act.

The I Will Tell International FIlm Festival currently underway in Euston is doing just that with slate of innovative, entertaining and socially conscious world films that promise to transform the hearts and minds of festival goers.

The festival offers a selection of over 100 diverse and inspired films from around the world, in addition to post-screening discussions and special events, all taking place in Euston at the Friends House, the MI Centre and The Euston Station Piazza from 10am to 10pm daily.

This year’s festival theme is forgiveness and the range of films on offer could not be more relevant to current UK and world events.

Despite the challenging subjects, Festival Director Jenny Lee explains why the festival remains full of hope and breathes life into festival goers rather than sadness.

“The films are awe-inspiring, but for me the really effective change takes place in the post-screening discussions when ordinary people tell their own stories.  We are offering what we think is real escapism – that is when you are able to face the issues, explore them, dissect them and leave knowing that your life exists on a higher level than the problems you see and that you are more than able to overcome them. That is where true peace and true joy is – that is not the same as pretending for a couple of hours that your problems do not exist. Otherwise what happens by the time you get home?”

This year actor/producer/director Tim Reid will be joining the festival  all the way from the US as well as award-winning Camille Abrahams from Trinidad and Tobago, director Niyi Coker and other distinguished speakers and filmmakers from the UK and around the world to conduct an inspirational Filmpitch seminar on making films that matter on Saturday 3 September.

“Don’t miss the closing gala screening of Yokes and Chains at the I Will Tell International Film Festival. This film will touch you, move you, answer unanswered questions, challenge you and excite you. Stay on for the post-screening discussion with Tim Reid (of Sister Sister fame), David Pott, the filmmaker and film festival director Jenny Lee plus a few special surprises.”

Another key highlight of the festival will be the “Say Sorry Day” on September 3rd on the same day in history that Britain and France declared war against The Nazi Party in 1939. Equipped with forgiveness advisors and a challenging exhibition on forgiveness, for one day Euston Station Piazza becomes a place of peace and reconciliation. Festival goers can even share their stories of giving or receiving forgiveness live on camera.

The festival also boasts an i-Screen room , a film lover’s paradise, is up and running throughout the festival with touch screens pre-loaded with all the films out of competition in the festival, for those who missed a screening or prefer to watch it in privacy.

With all the doom and gloom around, it is refreshing to see a festival that tackles the issues head on but retains its sense of balance and joy. The difference it makes will be entirely up to you. Don’t miss this.

Tickets: Day Screenings £5, Evening Screenings £10, Gala Screenings £15.  To book and for more information on the event, films, venues and festival pass prices visit http://iwilltell.com/festival11/tickets.html

 For more information:

Visit www.iwilltell.com

Email:  [email protected]

Email:  [email protected]

Tel 0870 8 03 04 07 / 07961 314 251

To grab your tickets and head on over today, just click here.

Tickets may be slightly expensive at £15 pounds so anyone with a print out of the Young Academic homepage will get another ticket totally free of charge! We do spoil you!

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