Have Sony and Apple Joined Forces to Create a Unique Online Music Subscription Service?

An interesting student news report for you today as rumours that Apple and Sony have collaborated to form a unique music subscription service gather pace. Sony’s Worldwide Developers Conference is less than three weeks away and the news that they may have joined with up with Apple to allow iTunes users to use their content will hardly disappoint members. This could mean a brave new world of digital media for any students out there that like to download their music.

Michael Paull of Sony did not actually comment when asked of the company’s plans to launch an online subscription service but is said to have cut a uncomfortable figure when asked about the venture.

Since then, Bloomberg have reported that collaboration with such players as EMI and Warner Music may be on the cards with the term ‘iCloud’ being coined by the network as the possible name of the new service. The current MobileMe technology may be utilised and improved as the globes biggest media names combine forces. Universal Music Group seems to be the only company holding back from the project at present but a deal is said to be imminent.

A scheme such as iCloud has always been laughed off by Apple as the firm have always held the belief that customers will always wish to own their materials outright. New trends and the continued success of Spotify seem to have swayed Apple into a rethink and the decision that streaming is the new way forward.

Google and Amazon have tapped into these ideas in the past with ‘Music-Locker’ services but these services have found limited success. The iCloud scheme will mean that individuals will have access to all of their favourite music at all times.

Apple has declined to comment on any of the points raised in this story but it seems likely that they will be taking their online presence more seriously this year, only time will tell.

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