Facebook Takes it First Step Towards Live Premiership Football

football on facebook

Facebook has taken the next step in its bid for world domination with its announcement that it is to stream its first live professional football match. Young Academic has learnt that the social networking platform will demonstrate its growing social power following the revelation earlier in the week that students across the country will soon be able to rent movies using the website.

The game in question is the opening match of this year’s FA Cup Tournament. The game may be a preliminary round match between two relative minnows of the football pyramid system in  Ascot United and Wembley FC but they surely have to start somewhere.

The match will be played tonight at 7.45pm, so make sure you guys head over there to watch what could turn out to be historic game in terms of football and social media.

The streaming of the match comes courtesy of a commercial deal between the FA, Budweiser Beer and of course the Facebook website.

Despite the fact that neither of the teams are reputable forces in the British game, Budweiser are expecting a global audience for the match. Viewers across the Atlantic may well be intrigued to see a truly grass roots game of ‘soccer’ in the oldest football tournament on the planet.

Football fans around the world will be able to watch the game at the Budweiser fan page, www.facebook.com/BudweiserUK, on Facebook. Bud are also keen to point out the live streaming is available only to people aged 18 and over.

The reason the match can be streamed via Facebook is that preliminary round FA Cup matches do not have broadcasting rights holders. This means that the likelihood of high profile games being shown on Facebook this season are fairly remote

A huge success however, could spur the likes of ITV and ESPN to strike a deal with Facebook in order to give games even more exposure than they do at present.

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