Elbow to Record BBC Soundtrack for London 2012 Olympic Games

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Young Academic, the UK’s national student portal, can today bring the exciting news that British band Elbow are to record the BBC’s soundtrack for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The band said they were “knocked out” to get the role.

Elbow formed in 1990 and after a rag-to-riches story, have become a band that belongs to the people of 2011.  With an uncommon sweetness and purity that I have heard no other voice possess, front man Guy Garvey owns the stage.  The bearded Mancunian is warm, friendly, positive and inspirational and he and his band deliver life’s little intimacies into songs that fill stadiums and festivals each and every year.

The band has been nominated for the Mercury Prize three times in all including a nomination for their latest album Build a Rocket Boys! which is representative of a unique style that fills the hearts of millions.

Today comes the news that the band has composed a six-minute specially commissioned track for the Olympic Games in London next year.  The theme song will be used by the BBC alongside the Olympic coverage.  Further details of the track itself are yet to be announced.

Guy Garvey has said “We are knocked out to be involved and it’s been quite a challenge.  We have a feeling of real responsibility as we will be the soundtrack to so many images of personal sacrifice and endeavour while the nation roots for and celebrates Team GB.”

The track is yet to be recorded but the general public can expect to hear the first bars of it when the torch relay is aired in May 2012.  The full piece will not be revealed until the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The track is expected to be the most heard piece of music in 2012 according to the BBC’s Director of London 2012.  He commented: “This builds on our recent tradition of using great British contemporary artists to deliver our music, as we did with Damon Albarn in 2008; and we reckon Elbow have a unique combination of credibility – hence their Mercury Prize – with a style that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.”

“Those things are remembered because of the event but also because it’s a great piece of music.”

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