Youpijob Helps Students To Find Jobs In Their Local Community

As the nation’s favourite destination for student news and careers advice, Young Academic is delighted to be able to bring you news regarding This is an online service community that matches jobseekers with employers.


The system helps these ‘jobbers’ to connect with ‘posters’ to find the most appropriate opportunities in their local area. The intricate system means that specific skills are taken into account to ensure every match is ideal and crucially, at a price and time that suits the candidate.


How Did YoupiJob Begin?Youpijob Team


Youpijob’s co-founders are Benjamin Leyne and Bertrand Tournier, two businessmen in their thirties who made their name working for Groupon in France following their graduation from university.


Their careers have kept them extremely busy with very little spare time. They didn’t want to spend the little free time they did have on daily chores and so Youpijob was born. This is surely a great example for any budding students looking to make their names an entreprenuers in the future.


The cost of employing someone to carry out these chores was quite prohibitive, so they looked for alternatives. This is how they became aware of new concepts being developed in the US that seemed to work well.   These allow people with skills and spare time to offer their services to people who don’t have time to do all kind of jobs around the home and garden.


Benjamin Leyne and Bertrand Tournier decided to create a European version of this.  Youpijob is building strong user bases in France, Switzerland and now the UK.


How Could You Use Youpijob? is an online jobs market place connecting busy people who need help with all kinds of jobs with people who have the time and skills to do them. This provides a solution for the poster and obviously generates some much needed cash for those undertaking the jobs.


Whether students have a bit of free time, or a whole summer to get through – Youpijob offers a huge variety of jobs, big and small, so that individual ‘Jobbers’ are bound to find something that will work for them.


Whether it’s DIY, mowing the lawn, ironing or cooking a weekend meal, the YoupiJob online community allows jobbers to find people in their neighbourhood that they can help out, for a price that suits everyone.


“ is a great way to make extra cash and to connect with people in your local community!  Since the launch of, we’ve noticed that the average wage per job is £72.  So if you undertake even three or four “odd-jobs” offered through Youpijob, you stand to make a potentially significant addition to your income in these tough economic times.” Said Benjamin Leyne.


How Can You Ensure Posts are Legitimate?youpijob2


Every poster and every jobber is checked against their social networking certification, whether this is through Facebook connection, profile pictures or phone number verification.


They are also community reviewed through a system that works a bit like the seller and buyer ratings on eBay. Every poster and jobber is rated once a job has been completed so it is in the interest of each person to build up a successful profile. The better their reputation, the more jobs they are likely to get.


Online jobbers and posters’ profiles include lists of jobs posted, and jobs completed.


How Does Youpijob Work?


If you want to be a Jobber:

–       register on YoupiJob:

–       YoupiJob will alert you as soon as a suitable job is posted

–       you can also search the jobs online

–       if you are interested in a job, just click on the button ‘Do this’

–       if you are happy with the fee click ‘offer my services’

–       if you want to charge a different fee click on ‘Make an offer’

–       if you are selected by a Poster you will get an email

–       when the job is completed your Poster pays you and then adds a rate and review on your profile.


For more information go to, visit the Facebook page and follow this incredible new service at


Young Academic are incredibly excited to promote this intriguing new concept which we think is set to revolutionise the way people search for and advertise jobs. Keep your eyes peeled here at the national student news service for further updates!

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