Young Academic Graduate Success Stories: Alex Mullen

As part of our commitment to graduates this summer, Young Academic has been focusing on some the best routes for students leaving University after the forthcoming academic year. As such, we have this intriguing graduate story from Alex Mullen who recently graduated from Teeside University.

Alex had experienced problems with a stammer throughout his life, but never let this stand in the way of achieving his dreams. The McGuire Programme has helped Alex to deal with situations that his stammer would have previously hindered; a truly heartwarming story indeed.

This has culminated in him securing a role at Oasys Software, a company that delivers exactly what Alex went to University to learn all about.

Read his story below, which is just one of a number of graduate profiles coming your way in the coming weeks here at the national student news service….

Alex Mullen’s Story

I am 26 years old from Bedlington, a graduate from Teesside University and currently working as a Marketing Assistant at Oasys Ltd in Newcastle.

For the first time in my life, three months ago, I picked up the dreaded telephone and ordered a takeaway. This was swiftly followed by my first ever drive through. These are everyday activities that often get taken for granted by fluent speakers. As a stutterer, simple tasks such as those were difficult.

I’ve had a stammer for as long as I can remember. Speech therapy never had an impact in my younger years, with situations and words that I really struggled with continually getting worse. I’d avoid any and all speaking situations if I could, I never even answered my mobile phone as speaking on the telephone always made me panic and I’d often struggle to even get a hello out.

I finally had enough of my stammer late last year; I had applied for a graduate marketing position and made it through the first few stages to be confronted with an online video interview, I feared the worst immediately. I did all the required research and started the interview. I couldn’t say a single word. Thirty seconds of stammering feels like an eternity, I slammed down my laptop screen without managing to say a sound. It was shameful. It was then I realised if I wanted to build a career for myself, I needed control of my speech. I had reached my tipping point.

I did some research and found the McGuire Programme online and saw that they had a yearly Newcastle course coming up in March. The course itself is four-days of intensive hard work and it really pushes you to your limits. The results are immediate though and by the end of the first day you are able to stand up in front of a packed room and confidently say your name and address like never before. And the progress doesn’t stop there.

You leave the course feeling like you can finally be the person you have always wanted to be. You no longer fear your own voice; you can’t help but find yourself wanting to speak to as many strangers as possible afterwards. Ten days after the course, I had an interview for a dream role as a Marketing Assistant at Oasys Ltd. I was in complete control of my speech throughout and I was able to focus on answering questions rather than what words to avoid. A week later I was offered the job. The programme is already having a positive effect on my life.

The McGuire Programme isn’t a cure for your stammer, it gives you the chance of taking control of your speech and encourages stutterers to embrace speaking situations they would have normally avoided. It allows you to take your life back.

If you know anyone who has a stammer, I wouldn’t hesitate in getting in touch with the McGuire Programme. Don’t let it affect their lives any longer, the programme will give them the tools and the life-long support system to help them on the journey to eloquent speech.

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