Young Academic Career Profile: Finance Case Study

The next instalment of the Young Academic Career Profiles is here for you today, with a case study from Fan Ye. It includes interesting information on how to succeed in the banking sector with or without a University degree. Keep your eyes peeled for more student news about careers in the coming weeks.

Fan Ye

Think you need a Finance Degree to succeed in the world of banking?  Not necessarily as Cambridge University student Fan Ye proved when he beat 60 contenders to win the RBS Trading Challenge.

With a degree in Natural Science and currently studying his Masters in Astrophysics, Fen showed his natural ability with numbers as he took part in the challenge which saw seven universities put into teams to battle on the RBS trading floor.  Starting with University heats, the top two teams from each university went on to take part in a trip to RBS’ London office which involved a meeting with Peter Nielsen, Global Head of Markets, and the final of the Trading Challenge where Fen proved he was a born trader by claiming the top prize – and he had the amazing opportunity to sit side by side with real life traders.

“The whole experience was very exciting – I sat with for an hour with an Emerging Markets Bonds trader who also attended Cambridge. Talking with him about his job while he sat in front of 6 computer screens working was amazing. I never could have imagined the work they do.  It was great insight into how dynamic the job is and was just great to talk about someone who has come down the same career path you aspire to.”

Fen first heard of the challenge through Cambridge University’ Investment Club and at the time was already researching how he could get himself in front of blue-chip companies. When he heard of RBS’ involvement, he knew he had to take part.

Despite his science background, Fen has always been interested in Trading as “you get an idea of how the world is changing every day” and feels his studies gave him the solid background needed to succeed not only in this challenge, but in the banking industry.

“Due to the nature of my studies I am comfortable working with number and have sound logical skills which are essential for trading.”

As a result of winning the RBS Trading Challenge, Fen will have the amazing opportunity to take part in a weeks work experience on one of the world’s largest trading floors in RBS Stamford, Connecticut, US. This unique experience will not only provide invaluable experience to add to his CV but give him an opportunity to really shine.

“I am extremely grateful to RBS for giving me this opportunity which I know is a one in a lifetime experience.”

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