Young Academic Career Guides: Limited opportunities for Law graduates

Young Academic Career Guides: Limited opportunities for Law graduates

Young Academic have discovered a worrying trend for any of you that have recently completed a course in Law. Aspiring lawyers outweigh post-graduate opportunities by 8 to 1 meaning up to 46,000 aspiring solicitors are fighting it out for just 6,300 jobs! There are also 15,600 budding barristers vying for 1,300 positions resulting in trying times ahead in the sector.

A study of 10,000 aspiring lawyers by has revealed that the ratio of students on the hunt for work outweighs the number of opportunities by a ratio of 8:1.

The Bar Standard Board (BSB) stated that they were just 1,300 pupilages awarded in 2008/2009, while the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA) registered 6,300 training contracts in the same time. Compare this with the 90,000+ students studying law and it’s an indication that tough times lay ahead.

After a recent poll by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit showed that graduate unemployment hit a 17-year peak, Paul Harris, Director of law careers information website, highlighted the importance of having something a little different on your CV:

“With so many people going to university, employers are increasingly looking for more rounded individuals with more than just a degree. It’s not all doom and gloom at all. It’s just about making the most of your free time and engaging yourself in as many CV-boosting activities as possible.” is a website for students made by students. It offers informed advice on how to boost your CV, build up your work experience and how to get involved in vocational schemes and internships.

Charles Whitworth is the Editor of the Young Academic publications.

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He has now developed as a top sports, music and current affairs journalist and has been printed in a range of publications including The Guardian. His interests include Cricket, Football, Rugby, Music and Current Affairs.

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