Young Academic Career Guides : Four great reasons to become an engineer

Following a few weeks of relentless festival guides and entertainment news, Young Academic thought it was time we brought you some good old fashioned student news. This is a follow up to the news we brought you a few weeks ago about the Bosch Technology Horizons Awards.

This competition is an essay writing competition that is designed to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering.  Engineering is rewarding and lucrative industry and we have some great Young Academic tips for any of you making this very important decision.

No need to be stuck in a rut

Engineers have highly transferable skills.  Even if you don’t eventually go into engineering your numeracy, problem solving and innovation skills can be used across a variety of sectors.  Just look at me, I did engineering and as well as working as an engineer, my career has taken me into teaching and TV presenting!

So many opportunities

A qualification in engineering is a passport to secure employment.  Why?  Because engineers are in short supply and demand for engineering skills becomes greater every year from different countries and different sectors.

You can help save the planet

Engineering is the key to tackling climate change, surely the biggest challenge the world faces.  In order to cut greenhouse gas emissions from motor cars, heating our homes, aeroplanes and industrial processes we must use the skills of engineers to develop new technologies.

You can travel the world

With engineering qualifications, the whole world is your workplace.  You could work in manufacturing in Asia; build a wind farm in California or a hydro-electric dam in Russia.  The common denominator is that engineers will be at the forefront of each of these projects.

But don’t just think about engineering – why not write about it and enter the Bosch Technology Horizons competition?  See where engineering can take you!

Further information about the Bosch Technology Horizons Award can be found at http://www.bosch.co.uk/technologyhorizons/.


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