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Tips for Starting Your Own Business


It has been a hectic summer so far here at Young Academic. With all sorts of study guides, career advice and also our ever popular infographics going out every day, we have kind of neglected our commitment to graduates and entrepreneurs over the last few months.

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Refurbish Your Career Path | Brilliant Opportunities in Office Refurbishment London


From site managers to designers to contracts experts, a career in office refurbishment offers so many exciting roles within a dynamic and ever-changing market. Dealing with clients across the country, office fit-out companies have openings for a wide range of skilled applicants, bringing together know-how and expertise from a range of sectors. If you’re fresh out of school or university, this could be the perfect career path for you, with plenty of on-the-job training and development available.

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Most Graduate Accountants Are Happy In Their Jobs Finds Official Survey


As the national education news website, Young Academic is not only concerned with what you get up to whilst you are at school, college or university – but also how you get on after you enter the world of work. As such, we are pleased to bring you the findings of a recent Target Jobs survey which has found that the majority of accountants are content in their job.

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Boris Launches New Fund to Help Young Londoners


The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson launched a new initiative to help tackle the growing number of unemployed young people inLondon. As we continue our quest to bring you all the education news and career information that matters, Young Academic can reveal that the scheme was launched on the same day as the latest unemployed figures were announced by the government, showing yet again that youth unemployment is on the rise.

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Young Academic Interview with Entrepreneur Tom Allsworth


As we head into the third Christmas of the current recession with the outlook showing few signs of improving, many students around the United Kingdom may be wondering how they can shine with the economy in the state that it is. Well Young Academic thought what better way to give you guys some perfect insight into how to succeed in business than an interview with a true success story.

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