You’re Hired! Unemployed fast-forward their job hunt with video CV’s

With unemployment levels closing in on 2.5 million, Young Academic bring you news of video recruitment specialist ‘Meet The Real Me’ who have launched a modern answer to the nation’s employment woes.

Free for jobseekers, online service is helping candidates stand out in the overcrowded job market by providing them with a platform to apply for jobs using video CVs. These allow candidates to highlight a dimension missing from the traditional written CV: the personality behind the paper.

“Traditional CVs are facing redundancy in the competitive entry-level market and video is the perfect replacement for the job,” comments Marc Fels, director of Meet The Real Me. “Our recent research shows 80% think employers don’t take the time to read through written CVs and 86% think that for several occupations, personality is more important than qualifications.” provides a new platform for candidates to showcase their individuality, charisma and confidence. Using either the in-house video pod or a webcam at home, applicants create a video responding to set questions, which are posted on the site alongside a personal profile and links to a written CV. Employers can then view candidates and effectively ‘first interview’ them by watching their video.  

Continues Marc Fels: “Morale is at an all-time-low amongst job seekers, especially for this year’s graduates who are competing with the massive backlog of students who failed to find work 12 months ago. Competition for roles has rocketed and as a result, many are settling for jobs outside their desired area or skill set to avoid unemployment. We’re helping candidates get noticed in front of thousands of potential employers, so they can get the jobs they want.”

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