Women and Software Development

In the past, the software development industry was seen as traditionally dominated by men, but more and more talented women are now entering the field.

If you’re considering a career in software, here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy in this ever-changing industry.

Job Security

There’s no denying that the software and app development market is in demand at the moment. After all, it seems not a day goes by that a retailer, restaurant or business fails to announce a new app or unveil new features. Arguably, those in the software development industry enjoy high levels of job security, which can significantly improve overall well-being.

A Fast-Paced Working Environment

Because of the high demand for software, application and feature development can be incredibly fast-paced. Take shinobiontrols for example. Established in 2011, the iOS Controls specialist which is part of the software development consultancy Scott Logic, has grown its product offering rapidly and now offers UI solutions to customers across the globe.

The great thing about this environment is the fresh challenges you’ll face on a daily basis. If you struggle to cope with the monotony of the nine to five, this career path could be for you, but you’ll need to be a forward thinker who can easily adapt to new ways of working.


The great thing about software development is the flexibility it offers. While you’ll undoubtedly need to put the hours in, when you choose to do this can be up to you, depending on the needs of your employer.

If any of these benefits appeal to you, you may love a career in software development. To learn more about the skills you need, and to read case studies from those working in technology, visit Prospects.

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