University of East Anglia Students Urged to Think About the Relationship Between Humans and the World

Today’s education news update comes in the form of a brand new course being rolled out by UEA. A new postgraduate course combining world-class environmental research with the humanities has been launched by the University.

It will combine cutting-edge environmental science with philosophy, history and literature – to encourage students to think critically and creatively about the relationship between humans and the natural world.

The year-long postgraduate programme will explore key areas of environmental thought such as climate change, the loss of bio-diversity, and the risks posed by nuclear power.

The innovative MA/MSc in Environmental Sciences and Humanities will welcome its first cohort of students in September.

They will investigate how nature is valued by different cultures, the different ways people judge environmental risks and opportunities, and how the human imagination can work alongside science to develop future environmental scenarios.

The students will also consider whether the different ways of evaluating nature – from ethical, aesthetic and economic perspectives – are ultimately reconcilable.

The course is the brainchild of humanities lecturers at UEA and leading environmental scientist Prof Mike Hulme.

He said: “In a world where environmental concerns have become integral to all human concerns, this course will see students bridge the ‘two cultures’ gap between the sciences and humanities in the context of environmental change.”

Course leader Dr Angela Breitenbach, from the university’s school of Philosophy, said: “UEA is world-renowned for its involvement in the environmental sciences. This course is the ideal gateway for anyone who wants to turn a passion for the natural world, and a concern for the future of humanity, into a career in sectors including conservation, the media, government, research and education.”

To find out more about the course, visit www.uea.ac.uk/phi/courses/ma-environmental-sciences-and-humanities.

A drop-in session on March 21 will give potential students the chance to find out more about the course. The event takes place from 2-3pm at the University of East Anglia in ARTS 01.30.

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