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Now is the time for undergraduates to look for summer internships, according to leading recruitment expert and internship specialist, Ben Rosen of Inspiring Interns.

“March is the ideal time for students to spend what free hours they have building up their CVs and really thinking about where they want to work when they graduate. Leaving it to the last minute isn’t a wise idea as competition for placements is hotting up, so students need to get ahead of the game.” said Rosen.

Google trends have shown that there has been a recent increase in the amount of people searching for the word ‘internship’, highlighting how popular this method of finding a job is becoming.

“Internships are a great way for graduates to showcase their talents, gain invaluable experience and find out whether their chosen career will suit them. It’s a win-win situation because the business also benefits as they are provided with some talented, affordable help and are given the opportunity to trial a prospective employee to see if they are the right person for their company.” continued Rosen.

Inspiring Interns is a London-based internship company that connects students and graduates with businesses in the capital. Around 40% of their interns are placed in full time jobs with the company they interned for. Employees are able to view potential interns online in interview-style videos.

One graduate who got a coveted full-time job in PR in central London after completing an internship is 24-year-old Olivia Read.

She had the following to say of Inspiring Interns; “It’s a daunting task looking for work straight out of university and there’s so much in the media about how we’ll never find a job, it can leave you extremely disheartened.  A lot of people want to get into PR and so there is fierce competition for the jobs, particularly in central London and if you’ve not got any experience you’ll struggle to even get an interview. However, joining Inspiring Interns gave me the support and confidence I needed to find a role I loved. After I completed my three-month internship I was offered a job – a job I would never have got or even known about without Inspiring Interns.”

Top tips for interns on the hunt for an internship

Start looking

With summer fast approaching students should make the time to look around. There are specialist internship companies, like Inspiring Interns, that can help you find your placement and give you reliable and trust-worthy advice to help you impress employers.

Update your CV

Your CV should be your most powerful weapon to wow prospective employers. Make sure it includes all your relevant experience and is accurate, tidy and easy-to-read. NEVER lie – you may be asked about what you said which can only get you into hot water, as Lee McQueen from The Apprentice experienced first-hand.

Get connected

If you meet people at events make sure you keep in touch and follow up meetings with an email so they have your contact details. Friends and family may also have good connections, but again recruitment consultancies and internship specialists will have a book of contacts that they can scroll through to find a placement that suits.

Keep optimistic

The job market may be tough at the moment but there are internships out there that can give you the experience that will put you one step ahead of your competitors. Never get down-hearted and always be optimistic that you can find a job that you will love.

Any businesses or candidates keen to find out more about Inspiring Interns can visit www.inspiringinterns.com.

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