Women, Love and Anarchism | The Rise of British Second Wave Feminism

Young Academic’s commitment to giving UK students the opportunity to have their say continues with this excerpt from Bangor University correspondent Emma Dixon. This piece is taken from a more comprehensive thesis and Emma’s studies focus on on twentieth-century British anarchism and feminism. If you think that your articles, features or student news should be published here at Young Academic then submit your pieces of work to [email protected]


How UK Universities Can Help Overseas Students Deal with Academic Shock

Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth reports on the challenges that face foreign students in the United Kingdom. In some rather intriguing student news, Dr Janette Ryan has revealed that many overseas students may suffer from academic shock as they struggle to deal with differing approaches to learning.


Student News : Microsoft Office on the cheap?

As you guys know only too well, we only let advertisers onto Young Academic if they genuinely offer a service to students across the nation. Universities, festivals and career schemes have all found great results when using us as their platform and we have found you another absolute winner. With exams and dissertations no doubt looming ever larger as we move into March, the last thing you need is your Office going down or expiring. If it does, we may very well have the answer.

Young Academic Student News : World’s first ‘class in an app’ launched by Coventry University

Trendsetting photography lecturers in Coventry University’s School of Art and Design have achieved a world first with the launch of an app which delivers an undergraduate degree class directly to your iPhone free of charge. This is surely great student news for any of you tech-savvy art students in and around the Coventry area. Remember to make sure you keep up to date with all the exclusive Young Academic education news by following our facebook and twitter pages.