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A-Level Results Day Young Academic Special


You would have had to have had your head in the sand not to realise that today is A-Level results day and what a dramatic one it has been. As Young Academic reported earlier this morning, the UCAS website has received so many enquiries that its servers crashed under pressure. UCAS have reiterated their message from last week and urged students not to panic.

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British Philosopher Responds to the Young Academic Report on the Privatisation of British Education


Having read the Young Academic report on the student protests in Chile and fears of the British education system being privatised; AC Grayling, British Philosopher and First Master of the New College of the Humanities spoke to the Young Academic’s Political Correspondent Robert Gant about the issue. As the United Kingdom’s number one source of vibrant education news, Young Academic will be getting to the heart of the issues that really matter throughout the summer months…

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Ethnic Minority Students in the UK Get Chance to Attend Summer School with Deloitte and Powerlist Foundation


Young Academic can bring news that one of the country’s leading business advisory firms will host a three-day Summer School event for the Powerlist Foundation. Deloitte and the UK charity will be helping to equip young people from ethnic minority backgrounds with professional leadership qualities. This student news could be well be music to the ears of students looking to boost their CV’s before graduation.

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Students Challenged to Predict the Future of PR


As Young Academic can exclusively reveal, Punch Communications have launched the FuturePR campaign in search of a star intern. In what could prove to be one of the career schemes of 2011, the PR agency will give one of you the chance to prove you have what it takes to make it in one of the United Kingdom’s most competitive industries.

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30% of Students Set to Miss Out on University Place


Young Academic has learnt that competition for university places has intensified yet further whilst twenty per cent of current graduates remain unemployed. We have been bringing you student news throughout the year regarding the current plight of academics and graduates and the situation looks set to become grimmer yet.

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GadgIT-Mat Set to Revolutionise the Way Students Use Their Computers


Young Academic can bring you news of a gadget that is sure to make the lives of students significantly easier. How many times have you been crammed into a seminar or lecture with your laptop and struggled away with your tiny trackpad? Well the ingenious GadgIT-Mat will enable you to get all the benefits of a proper mouse, wherever you are. This crafty gadget will be available from June 10th and we are most definitely of the opinion that it is set to become one of the pinnacles of student technology for 2011.

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Students Should be Using Their Summer to Gain Work Experience


Career guidance services and business advisory firms are urging students to use their summers wisely as it becomes increasingly difficult to find graduate employment. In essential student news, firms such as Deloitte are encouraging young academics to let their hair down after their exams but not to rest on their laurels. Many companies in all sorts of industries will offer work experience and this will result in the acquisition of priceless skills.

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