Students Should be Using Their Summer to Gain Work Experience

Career guidance services and business advisory firms are urging students to use their summers wisely as it becomes increasingly difficult to find graduate employment. In essential student news, firms such as Deloitte are encouraging young academics to let their hair down after their exams but not to rest on their laurels. Many companies in all sorts of industries will offer work experience and this will result in the acquisition of priceless skills, Young Academic will of course bring you more on this story including the best places to find work experience placements.

Stevan Rolls, Head of HR at Deloitte, said: “Companies want to employ people who have put their time to good use, and gained transferable skills from their experience to date.  Work experience not only improves someone’s employability, for some, it could also fund a summer break.”

Stevan continued: “Students should be applying for work experience this summer and this could be through a range of different routes.  Because placements with larger companies are so highly competitive, students should also apply to SMEs, or gain transferable skills from temporary work, such as bar work to gardening, or even by starting their own business.  This would show great leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as creative skills, drive and determination, attributes we seek at Deloitte.”

Deloitte understands there is tough competition for work experience placements with big companies, having received hundreds of applications for its Summer Vacation scheme, which is a seven-week programme that offers students in their penultimate year of university work experience in Deloitte’s Audit, Tax or Consulting service lines.

When it comes to recruiting graduates, Deloitte recognises that not every talented student will be successful in gaining a placement like this and also looks for other skills and strengths that can be gained during holidays or breaks from their study, term time or holiday working.  Of course, having arranged a leaver’s ball at university, or heading up a football team can also show initiative, willing, and organisational skills.

The benefits of gaining a work experience placement are great and viewed positively by potential employers.  For people who are not sure which career path they want to follow, summer placements can give ‘tasters’ of different working environments, which may help them to make a more informed decision when it is time to choose a career.

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