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As the nation’s premier education news and student portal, Young Academic can bring you news of a superb service to help you find employment. Following the findings that 79% of students find it incredibly difficult to find a job, Skills Hive can help individuals and businesses through theses uncertain economic times.

It is indeed an employment jungle out there and freelancing reduces risk and increases opportunity for workers and hirers. They are the sentiments of the entrepreneurs and professionals at Skills Hive.

With the aforementioned statistics proving rather startling, the answer for today’s students could be freelancing as a no fuss and lucrative way to earn a decent wage.

There seems to be plenty of justification for this theory as currently, only half of all UK students are in employment. What is even more intriguing is the fact that a staggering 94% say they are ready and waiting to work. Jobs are inevitably rather scarce but what good is an irrelevant job to an aspiring professional in need of some relevant and targeted work experience.

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A report, researched and compiled by the online freelancing portal, suggests that 99% of students feel they do have skills to offer as a freelancer. Skills Hive creates an opportunity for them to find a profitable home for their talents, working alongside more established professionals as part of a ‘virtual team’.
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Skills Hive’s King Bee (Managing Director!) is Mike Orchard. He explains why freelancing is a great option for tomorrow’s educated workforce; “Students want to work, but not in jobs where their biggest responsibility is cleaning tables and operating a cash register”, says Mike.

He explains more “Students don’t want to be taken advantage of and want to work in areas where they will be appreciated, have control and be able to build on their skills in preparation for graduation”.

Mike has founded a website that could be the ultimate calling. Skills Hive allows anyone to use their existing skills to win short-term contracts and work on a freelance basis. Whether a seasoned professional or a student, unemployed or in a full time or part time job, anyone can set up a profile as a “Worker”, listing their skills and pitching their talents with personality to attract the attention of “Hirers” to get added to businesses virtual teams.

After finalizing the details, as well as the fee each Worker completes the required work, checking off milestones with the Hirer in the task management system on the site, and finally gets paid via the site’s PayPal integration. Voila! Click here to find out exactly how the Skills Hive process works.

Mike Orchard certainly believes that one important role for his site is to make it really easy for students to gain paid work experience while they study: “No longer do students need to scrape by, have no money and leave University with minimum experience. By utilizing the opportunity to freelance they can earn good money while they study, network, build a great portfolio and graduate with a long history of industry-relevant work”.

That is why Mike is working closely with the University community to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in Britain’s next generation of business leaders.

Skills Hive sponsored the 2011 AGCAS Award for Entrepreneurialism won by a collaboration of Birmingham Universities for their BSEEN initiative supporting the development of student start up companies.

“It’s great that Skills-Hive shares AGCAS’s objective of encouraging students to be entrepreneurial. We will be able to help each other spread the word and really appreciate their support for our award”, says Chris Jackson – Communications and Marketing Manager for the Association of Graduate Career Advice Services (AGCAS).

“It beats the grind of looking for a junior position or going on the dole”, says one student we spoke to. “I worked as a freelancer throughout my last year of University, earning the same money as my 28 year old sister, and when I graduated I just went full time. I had contacts, credibility and a client base – what more could I want?”, she said.

To find out more and get started on your own path to freedom, visit: http://www.skills-hive.com

If you find that the Skills Hive site is of use, this can also open further doors for you when it comes to earning much needed cash in the form of the Swarm! Affiliate Scheme.

Once you create a free account you can start inviting other people to join the community as a Worker and/or Hirer using your unique URL. This will be visible at the top of every page with a simple Add This function to share it via facebook, twitter, email etc

You will be allocated £5 for every Worker and £20 for every Hirer that you invite into the Skills Hive that goes on to upgrade to a paid subscription. In order to get paid you just need to have upgraded your own account. It’s that simple.

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Skills Hive Profile

Skills Hive is a place where businesses can come to grow and get things done quickly by managing a virtual team of workers.

It is also a place where workers can manage their work life balance by promoting their skills to secure frequent, shorter term, task based work that they can schedule around life’s other commitments and priorities.

To get started just register and start to build your profile as a Worker or Hirer or both, then browse the other profiles and start to get a feel for who else is in the Hive. Once you have activated your membership you can then start to either issue tasks as a Hirer or receive tasks as a Worker.

When you issue or receive a task you will be able to discuss and finalise the details before agreeing on the terms.

The Skills Hive system will enable the tasks to be managed from both a Hirer and Worker perspective so that everyone is able to stay in touch with progress throughout. Payment will be made via our secure PayPal integration.

Services will evolve based on the needs of the user base, communication is key to realising the potential of Skills Hive as an ideas hub so we will be looking to stimulate the debate through our blog, social media channels and other contact with you the members.

In these times of economic downturn and with the government showing even less interest in the well being of British students, Skills Hive could well prove to the perfect solution for students looking gain relevant and targeted work experience at the same time as earning a competitive wage. Young Academic really couldn’t recommend the portal enough. Keep an eye on the careers section and our facebook page for further updates.

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