RateYourLecturer Looks to Help Students to Find the Best Degree in the UK

As the nation’s national student news service, Young Academic is obviously committed to finding you the very best ways to enhance your university or college experience. As such, we are delighted to bring you news regarding Rate Your Lecturer. This is site that allows you to rate your lecturers on their teaching ability and also comment on your experiences.


By visiting www.rateyourlecturer.co.uk, you can make these ratings and add any commentary that you see fit.  These ratings are then applied to the relevant course and institution so that full scored can be aggregated – a great all round picture will be given as to who are the good, bad and ugly lecturers in the UK education system. Full league tables are easily accessible via the site and it is hoped that this competitive edge will improve teaching standards across the country’s Universities.

The team at Rate Your Lecturer are attempting to redress the balance between teaching and research in UK universities whilst also providing students and prospective students with vital information when it comes to choosing a university or a module.

We believe this is a fantastic concept and that www.rateyourlecturer.co.uk is a site that is capable of revolutionising and revitalising the university system, something that is badly needed in today’s climate.

Return on Investment…rateyourlecturer young academic

The average cost of tertiary education currently stands at £53,000. For this reason, RateYourLecturer.co.uk aims to provide a platform to help both prospective and existing university students achieve the best possible educational return for their expensive investment.

The ultimate aim is to end up with a public database of information for prospective and existing University students which will contain everything from courses and modules to lecturers and actual life on the campus. There are already over 100 institutions on the Rate Your Lecturer site from 63 locations and including over 70,000 lecturers.

At present, figures are showing a slant towards Universities in Hull and Northumbria due to the fact that much of the testing has been carried out at these locations but as more and more students use the tool – more rounded data will become available.

Priceless Feedback…

Although this revolutionary new concept could come as a worry to any lecturers not currently performing to the best  of their ability, the flip side is that exceptional educators will get the recognition they deserve which has the obvious positive repercussions for their University. It is hoped that any negative feedback will result into the rethinking of certain teaching methods, courses and even the content within them. The feedback will be priceless and offer constructive criticism that may have been difficult to get hold of previously.

This system will also help prospective students to identify the course and/or university that most suits their checklist of educational priorities. Through the ability to pick and choose those who educate them, students can ensure they receive the best grades possible. Additionally, the chance of students using Rate Your Lecturer will also stand less chance of dropping out which will save valuable time, effort and perhaps most crucially –money.

“We are very excited with the launch today. The students themselves are the best advocates for their lecturers and their ability to teach and inspire. It is therefore essential to engage with them; and this site provides a platform for students to talk to each other, learn from each other and help each other achieve the best grades possible.

With the involvement of the students this site could help revolutionise teaching and teaching quality in our universities; ensuring the long term quality of tertiary education increases accordingly to complement the rising cost of education. It is essential that we retain the reputation of British universities on the world stage” said Michael Bulman, Founder of Rate Your Lecturer.

As an innovative student tool, Young Academic is extremely excited to see how this fantastic new website develops and improves the education system for all involved. Keep an eye on the site and our www.facebook.com/youngacademic for further updates on Rate Your Lecturer.

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  1. I will definitely be doing this, the difference between my good lecturers and the bad ones is huge! I like the idea of knowing how good a lecturer is in advance as well when I’m choosing modules.

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