Summer Book Competition for Students Looking for a Career in Nursing

Young Academic has a great competition for your today, perfect for any of you looking to get into nursing once your studies have finished. Just because the academic year is drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean that the freebies, student news and career guides will stop here at Young Academic. We will be bringing you all your UK student news all through the summer as well as the Ultimate Festival Guide and all your entertainment updates.


Women, Love and Anarchism | The Rise of British Second Wave Feminism

Young Academic’s commitment to giving UK students the opportunity to have their say continues with this excerpt from Bangor University correspondent Emma Dixon. This piece is taken from a more comprehensive thesis and Emma’s studies focus on on twentieth-century British anarchism and feminism. If you think that your articles, features or student news should be published here at Young Academic then submit your pieces of work to [email protected]


How UK Universities Can Help Overseas Students Deal with Academic Shock

Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth reports on the challenges that face foreign students in the United Kingdom. In some rather intriguing student news, Dr Janette Ryan has revealed that many overseas students may suffer from academic shock as they struggle to deal with differing approaches to learning.


The Chartered Institute of Marketing joins the Census campaign to reach out to UK students | Young Academic Student News

Young Academic has been made aware that the 2011 Census is working with students around the country to help shape their futures. By joining up with The Chartered Institute of Marketing a great opportunity has arisen for students to receive a CIM Career Development Award accolade. This is great student news for any of you looking to make your way in marketing and business.