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As Young Academic had learnt, graduates are increasingly unlikely to find themselves with a place on a graduate scheme. As the number of student graduating vastly outstrips the number of places available, the national employability campaign could well help. Make sure you follow us at @youngacademic to keep up to date with all the developments on this issue and all your other student news.

Despite an expected increase in the number of graduate vacancies in 2011 by 3.8% the number of vacancies offered according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters will still be less than 21,000.

The AllAboutCareers.com National Employability Campaign, which is aimed at all undergraduates, hopes to highlight the reality of the situation, explain the options available to students and to inform them of their rights when taking part in work experience.

Jack Denton, a spokesman for the careers information website AllAboutCareers.com said, “With so many new graduates each year and huge backlog of graduates looking for places on graduate schemes it’s really important for current undergraduates to do all they can to improve their chances”.

The latest evidence suggests getting work experience is more important than ever; a recent study by Highfliers research stated that, “graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes.

The electronic campaign lets students know about the different types of work experience available, how they can get involved and their rights whilst gaining experience. With youth unemployment at an all-time high of 18.3% there has never been a more important time for such a campaign to bring awareness to the student populous.


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  2. The thought of finishing university is scaring me a little with regards to the lack of jobs out there!
    That website is great for getting all the info on the career you want to go into and how to go about it!

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