Most Graduate Accountants Are Happy In Their Jobs Finds Official Survey

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As the national education news website, Young Academic is not only concerned with what you get up to whilst you are at school, college or university – but also how you get on after you enter the world of work. As such, we are pleased to bring you the findings of a recent Target Jobs survey which has found that the majority of accountants are content in their job.

So, any student or young person looking to build a career in accountancy and/or financial management should take great encouragement from some excellent figures.

79% of working graduate accountants surveyed have described their careers as meeting their expectations.

83% describe themselves as ‘happy’ with their lifestyle and job, listing the hours, travel, location and their colleagues as crucial.

When asked what they thought was the most fundamental factor when choosing an employer, they said reputation.

Highlights of their accountancy careers so far are based on the benefits of teamwork and the quality of their peers and managers.

Individuals participating in this intriguing survey were also asked; “What has surprised you in your first few weeks and months at work?” Listed are some of the more interesting replies…

The lack of formal structure – ‘you feel like a team member rather than a cog in a machine’

Trust – ‘the trust installed in us from the very beginning, including work on large, complicated clients with large fees’

‘My colleagues’ passion for their work and how relaxed my managers are’.

All credit to Target Jobs for what was a very interesting survey, and one that all involved with the accountancy sector should be very heartened by. There are many top accountancy firms out there for students to keep any eye on such as Target Business Assist, CIPFA and many, many more – keep an eye out for some great career guides and employer profiles to come over the next few months.

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