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It may only be January, but many students in their final year may well be looking to the future and deciding just what they will do come the end of the semester. Gap years, first jobs or maybe just some down time, these are all popular choices. However, more and more graduates tend to get stuck straight into their career these days. Today we profile some intriguing news from the recruitment industry….

New software has emerged, built for recruiters by recruiters. HRS is software tailored to an industry that its founding team knows extremely well and is growing all the time here in the UK.

Industry Niche…

The creator of the software has emerged from the recruitment industry and saw the niche that existed for such a platform. Carl Holst-Roness simply needed to seeking further investment, he teamed up with Eldon Jobe who, as an early customer and user of the software.

The duo understood the true power and benefits of HRS in managing recruitment workflow. In this video, you can see them tell the Telegraph Business Club how they have grown the business. From building the all-important client base to spreading word of the platform, budding recruiters can learn a great deal from this potentially pioneering piece of software.

Career Choices…

Take a look at this software today, even if you have only briefly considered a career in what has become and ever developing sector. If this is of interest, we would love to hear what you think about it here at Young Academic. As one of the UK’s biggest purveyors of careers, we are always looking for students just like you to contribute to our site. You can send you articles into use directly [email protected].

You can also find out about a wide range of other career options by visiting our dedicated section: https://www.youngacademic.co.uk/careers.

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